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facet_for is a collection of FormBuilder helpers that speed up the process of creating complex search forms with [Ransack](
-For many searches, it can be as simple as:
+For many searches, it can be as simple as adding this inside your ```search_form_for```:
<%= f.facet_for(:field_name) -%>
@@ -39,6 +39,12 @@ Most of the Ransack predicates are supported:
As well as several special cases and meta-predicates specific to facet_for:
+#### Between
+By default, when passing a ```date``` or ```datetime``` column to facet_for, it will use the ```:type => :between``` predicate.
+Rather than generating a single field, ```:type => :between``` creates one ```:type => :lte``` and one ```:type => :gte``` field with a single label. This makes searching ranges of dates or numbers painless.
#### Collections
* Collection - ```:type => :collection```

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