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Jyxo PHP Library
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Jyxo PHP Library

Welcome to Jyxo PHP Library.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away... there has been an IT company called Jyxo s.r.o. It has existed for several years and created and contributed to numerous projects.

To share fruits of work of individual project teams and to not re-invent the wheel over and over again, a collection of libraries has been created. It has been given the name "Jyxo PHP Library" and it has happily grown throughout the years.

One day, a couple of company developers came with the idea to make it open source and publish it on github. It took some time, some management decisions, but we've made it. And here we are :)

In this repository we will continuously publish various bits and pieces from this library. We will do our best to publish everything that would be useful to anyone from the outside world. It will be kind of long run, since many parts will have to be cleaned and polished first and above all - we have to translate docblocks and comments to English first :)

A big part of the library will also be covered by PHPUnit tests.

The code you find here is in actual use in various projects and to the best of our knowledge, it can be considered stable. But as always, read the License first.

##API documentation

You can find the automatically generated documentation at

##Original library authors

Many developers have contributed to the library throughout the years. Here are those who were daring enough to put their names into docblocks… or those whose names were put there by others :)

Jaroslav Hanslík, Matěj Humpál, Jan Kaštánek, Jan Kolibač, Petr Krejčík, Ivo Marvan, Jan Matoušek, Ondřej Nešpor, Jan Pěček, Ondřej Procházka, Roman Řáha, Vojtěch Semecký, Štěpán Svoboda, Martin Šamšula, Jakub Škrha, Martin Švihla, Jan Tichý, Jakub Tománek, Ladislav Vacek, Martin Voldřich

Repository maintainers and contributors

Individual contributors

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