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Required Modules



This a program written in python that take an xls file as a input, generate csv code for each sheet stored, and generate SQL insertion code for a quick databse testing. Some of the cool features including

  • checking if the file exist or not and then create or wipe the file if necessary
  • check the datatype and parse string and int differently

How to use

  • There are three ways to download the file:
    1. Download the repo as a zip.
    2. Download the run.py file only.
    3. Or clone the repo by typing the following command into your terminal:
git clone https://github.com/zhang96/ExcelToSQL

Install the require modules including:

  • xlrd
  • pandas

Put the spreadsheet file in the folder and name it as data.xls, make sure it ends with .xls not .xlsx.

  • There are two ways to run the file:
    1. Run the file IDLE or other IDEs.
    2. Set the directory in the terminal and then type the following command into the terminal
python run.py


  • Add inline comments
  • Code logic optimization
  • Support for *.xlsx files insted of only *.xls files.
  • Support for other datetypes other thah int and string.
  • Eliminate csv intermidiated generation.
  • Option to generate all insertion into a single *.sql file.

#Author zhang96

#License MIT, see LICENSE.txt.