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Public Bin

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Wanna download this plugin? Click Here

PublicBin is a Minecraft server plugin, it can help new players survive and reduce the workload of the server.

PublicBin provides a public inventory, players can use the command /bin to open this inventory, they can put useless items into this public inventory, and other players can search for something useful in this inventory.


  • Some Miners have a habit of dropping stones they don’t need on the ground, this will heavily increase the server’s workload and lead to serious lag. This plugin provides an easy way to dispose of useless items, which helps alleviate this problem.
  • New players can find various resources in this public inventory, this can help speed up their progress in the server.
  • Some players will often monitor this inventory in hope of finding “treasures”, this can prolong the time players spend on the server.
  • Some players may use this public inventory to trade different items, though the risk of having their items stolen exists, this plug-in provides a simple way for item trading.


  • The default mode of this plugin is “Share”, depending on your needs, you can configure this plugin to allow everyone to have his/her own bin.
  • Items inside the bin will disappear after 5 mins.
  • When the bin has few to no space left, the system will automatically clear the most useless items.
  • Items inside the bin will automatically be stacked, sorted and grouped.
  • You can configure the features mentioned above in the config file.☝️
  • If you are content with the default settings, you can use this plug-in right on without modifying any files.
  • Supports Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and English, the displayed text will vary depending on the client.


Using the /bin command, then drop all useless items into the rubbish bin! The items will be automatically sorted and allow others to take them away.
Full-version of Gif image:


If you want to know more, below is some plugin’s screenshots:


Please click here to visit our wiki page to understand detailed information of commands, permissions and config files.


PublicBin is a Spigot plugin that provides a place to discard unwanted items and retrieve items discarded by other players.








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