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Jerry Timer

A timer to replace which has ugly UI and ads.


What is Jerry Timer?

Jerry Timer is a simple countdown timer and stopwatch using Vue. This timer is designed for examinations, quizzes, and everything that requires a timer. You can hide the timer buttons (which is very cool), or change the theme, or download the repository and change anything you want to.

In order to support computers running on Windows XP in the school, I used Babel to convert the Javascript code into a backwards compatible version, as low as IE 11. Taking into account the horrible WiFi at school, Terser and Webpack were used to compress the code size and combine multiple source code files into one.

Jerry Timer also supports multiple languages. I translated the timer into traditional Chinese and English. The user can switch to another language without having to reload the page.

Why I want to build a timer?

This story starts at middle school. All my teachers like to use They use it in the classroom, in the lobby or in the exams. For me, I don't like this timer. The user interface is ugly, the translation is wrong, and is fill with a ton of ads (I know they have to make a living, but that doesn't stop my criticism).

Also, if the computer or browser suddenly shuts down, the timer will lose the status and create a very embarrassing situation. This timer is not suitable for exams and important occasions.

So, I decided to make a timer myself, a simple and stable timer.

How do I use it?

I hosted the latest version of Jerry Timer on Github Page. Pay a visit to our page,, or via short url, to try something new and give up.

You can go to the intro page to find more information. If you have further questions, please feel free to create a new issue.

Although this timer is not designed for mobile phone users to use, you can also try using it on mobile phones. Have fun!


Good luck with that! :)