Supercharge your koha-common install with Plack
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A set of scripts to supercharge your koha-common install with Plack


  1. Ensure Plack dependencies are satisfied (see Requirements, below).
  2. Run from your clone or download directory to install scripts.
  3. Use koha-start-plack [instance name] and koha-stop-plack [instance name] to control your Plack servers.

Optionally let the installer update your koha-common init script to make Plack a first-class part of your Koha environment.


You'll need to install a few packages in order to run Plack servers.

apt packages:

  • make
  • build-essential
  • starman

Note:: Starman can also be installed from CPAN

CPAN packages:

  • CGI::Emulate::PSGI
  • CGI::Compile

Use these simple commands to take care of dependencies:

sudo apt-get install make build-essential starman
cpan -i CGI::Emulate::PSGI CGI::Compile