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Loads data into an sesame repository using multiple threads per file without any server over head.

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This is a small utility that uses multiple threads to load data into a RDF triple store using
the sesame API. You can load it into a native store from sesame or with some work into OWLIM-se.
Unfortunatly to get an OWLIM-se jar you need to contact ontotext. 


## To use with a Sesame Native repository

cd sesame-loader/
./ -infile $1 -dataFile $2 -commitInterval $3 -pushThreads $4 -baseUri $5

## To use with an OWLIM repository

cd sesame-loader/

### Need to additionally copy the owlim jar files into sesame-loader-runtime/dist/conf/ so they will be included on the classpath
cp /path/to/owlim.jar sesame-loader-runtime/dist/conf/owlim.jar
cp /path/to/crypto.jar sesame-loader-runtime/dist/conf/crypto.jar

./ -infile $1 -dataFile $2 -commitInterval $3 -pushThreads $4 -baseUri $5

Where $2 is the location on disk where OWLIM or Sesame Native should store their files. $3 is how often you want to commit to the backend. $4 is the number of threads you want to use. $5 is a baseUri i.e.
$1 is the file you are loading. 

# Things to improve:

* Changes to java options and Owlim options may require changes to pom.xml to add or remove settings from the appassembler-maven-plugin configuration, unless they can be placed in a configuration file in src/main/config/ (which will then be copied to dist/conf/)
* Memory usage 

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