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Turning a sheet of paper into a paper plane in a single swipe!
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lasercut 5mm

Project logo

Miss Flyer the best use of a misprint! It can turn an ordenairy paper into an extra ordaniary paper plane with only one swipe! 😮

Entirely made from one single sheet of lasercutted plywood.

KRO-NCRV, Klaas vindt uit (Dutch TV) seemed to like it, so they wanted to show it to everyone 😃 here is a to the video: (click on image) Klaas vindt uit video

One gif says more than 1000 words: Gif

Miss Flyer in use: Demo photo

Overview photo: overview

Lasercut overview: Lasercut photo

Initial sketch: Initial sketch

How i made all of this? I kept a A3 logbook: logbook

Video: (click on image) Miss Flyer Video

Bill Of Material:

Quantity Description Dimentions
1 Sheet of plywood 5mm 830x650mm
1 Fishing rod or other thin wire 40cm
1 Binder clip 20mm(smaller=better)
1 Rubber 20x10mm


  1. Assemble subassembly 1: Step 1

  2. Assemble subassembly 2: Step 2

  3. Glue slider together: Step 3

  4. Insert slider and add endstops: Step 4

  5. Assemble rest: Step 5

  6. Cutout wood between holes so wire can sit flush and slider can still slide: Step 6

  7. Glue or bolt clip down and add a piece of rubber (in my case bike tire) to the clip for better grip: Step 7

  8. Like this: Step 8



  • Version 1: Genesis
  • Version 2: Changed gap from 5mm to 3mm, changed distance between step 1 and 2 from 120 mm to 140 mm
  • Version 3: Zohar & me made the second version but this raised some issues. changed gap back to 5mm again cause the paper kept ripping. changed the cutouts to 4.95mm so it's more of a friction fit.

Future development:

  • Write building Instructions
  • Better performance
  • Engraving
  • No need for glue
  • More paper plane designs
  • Have a paper plane war at the office!

Open Source Hardware

It's Open Source, go ahead build it!

Made for PO2 Project at the Technical university of Delft. for questions please feel open in issue here or

send me an email (info @

The paper plane folder isn't perfect, sometimes the paper creases. let me know if you have improvements 😃

CC license

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