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Git Registry

... to collaborate with a couple of people on a private project, all you need is an SSH server and a bare repository.

Getting Git on a Server

git-registry is a SSH server in a Docker container, managing a collection of bare git repositories, relying on SSH public key authentication.

Getting started

Download docker-compose.yml, or clone this repository.

Generate SSH host keys (only once, before the very first start up)

  $ docker compose run --rm git-registry ssh-keygen -A -f /git-registry

Start up git-registry

$ docker compose up -d

Add a SSH public key

$ docker compose exec git-registry / "$(cat ~/.ssh/"

Test the connection

$ ssh git@localhost -p 2222

In a local git repository, e.g. ~/example, init and add a remote

$ ssh git@localhost -p 2222 add-repo example.git
$ git remote add git-registry [git@localhost:2222]:src/example.git
$ git push git-registry

Git Shell Commands

$ ssh git@localhost -p 2222

  ls                     List repositories
  add-repo               Add new repository
  del-repo               Delete repository

  default-branch-repo    Change default branch name of an existing repository
  default-branch-global  Set the default branch name e.g. when initializing a new repository

  set-git-registry-host  Change the hostname printed in help and usage
  set-git-registry-port  Change the port printed in help and usage

  git> ls

  git> add-repo example.git
  git> add-repo github/githubproject.git
  git> add-repo private/privateproject.git

  git> del-repo example.git

  git> default-branch-global trunk
  git> default-branch-repo private/privateproject.git trunk

  git> set-git-registry-host
  git> set-git-registry-port

  $ git clone [git@localhost:2222]:src/example.git
  $ git remote add git-registry [git@localhost:2222]:src/example.git

  $ ssh git@localhost -p 2222 ls



See example scripts in src/backup for inspiration of how backup of the repositories might be handled.

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