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Simple daily notes. The script does nothing more than open a text file for the current date in a specified directory, and maintaining headers like:

┃  ◀ 2021-03-28  ┃  2021-04-10  ┃  2021-04-11 ▶  ┃

This note taking "system" relies completly on the editor used. For vim, because the dates in the header corresponds to the file names, navigating to the previous or next note can be done with gf. Full-text search could be :lgrep PATTERN %:h/* where the results can be browsed by :lopen.

If you delete a note or otherwise need to update the headers, call --reindex.

By default the notes are written to ~/.note/. This can be changed by setting the environment variable NOTE_DIR. To share notes between machines point NOTE_DIR to a directory with file synchronization, e.g.

# ~/.bashrc

export NOTE_DIR="$HOME/FileSync/NOTES"
alias n=''

The editor opened respects the EDITOR environment variable, with vim as fallback.


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