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A script for Windows to Extract and Mail Wifi profiles (SSID, password, auth, encryption) in plain text format.
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A modified version of Exploitech's wifi-password-extractor.

Use this only on systems in which you have permission to do so!

How to use

  1. Open up SystemDriver.PS1 in a text editor and change out GmailUsername and GmailPassword for your accounts Note: You need to enable "Less Secure App Access"
  2. Copy the contents of SystemDriver.PS1 and use a Base64 Converter like CyberChef to get a Base64 blob that you will host somewhere that can be downloaded as a RAW txt file like Pastebin
  3. Inside of Explorer.PS1 put the URL from Step 2 in
  4. Execute Explorer.PS1 however you see fit, probably with a Rubber Ducky/Bash Bunny

Now uses Remove-Item to clean up after itself, original version left files behind in the Recycle Bin. I didn't care for the extra steps involved for encrypting/decrypting with the batch file so I simplified it. Now it downloads the Base64 blob to a txt and decodes it as a PS1. I also added support to grab the wlan drivers so you can see what hardware you are dealing with and if it's capable of hosting a hotspot. Figured it might be handy if you want to setup an evil twin access point or if you want to setup your own private Wi-Fi entry point into the network.

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