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Dear Followers
This project is built from branches. In stead of having every library I create reside in the same branch I am placing them in their own branch.

Lesson Learned: Don't do this, well I actually still like it better than all the projects in one repo branch. Instead create a new project for each, github gives free public repos so use them. I may look into splitting this repo apart in the feature.

I don't know if this is the best idea, but I can always merge my branches if I decide to.

The code is released under the Boost License unless otherwise specified.

Current projects are:

cmdln.interact -- This has been moved as part of

spelling.suggest -- Suggest a word from a misspelled word. Requires training.

csv -- A parser for CSV files the D language. Or any separation scheme. If ambitious I may even have it work for any range similar to std.algorithm.Splitter.