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Welcome to the Juno-Windows-Class-Library wiki!

I'll be copying pages from dsource to here. This centralizes the docs and allows for editing.

Juno is a general-purpose class library for the D programming language. It aims to offer the kind of power and ease-of-use enjoyed on platforms such as .NET and Java to D developers.


  • Check out the source commits for news


Oct 14, 2012

  • More deprecations; to reduce work on 64bit compatibility deprecations will be getting removed instead of updated.

Oct 2, 2012

  • Several functions have been deprecated in favor of Phobos
  • Support for D 1.x can be considered officially dropped

Change Log

The Juno Class Library

Required Updating Libraries

Packages included in Juno cover such areas as

The Juno Toolset

Juno will also offer tools to help programmers be more productive. For example, the Type Library Importer generates D modules from COM type libraries that you can import into your Juno-based projects.

Get started with Juno by following these tutorials.

You can also follow these examples.

These are examples from the examples directory.

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