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This is the multiplayer reversi game I implemented, using C++ and XWindow(for graphic display) for an assignment at school. The rules of the game are implemented using observer software design pattern. I will not display any implementation code here due to regulation policies and will only post the header, object files along with the executable.

Here are the instructions: in this version of Reversi, there is no restraint on where you can place your piece, as long as it's unoccupied. To start the game, run: ./reversi new x, where x is the length of the square board, x needs to be even. Despite the graphical interface, the game is played on the command line, black begins and each move is entered on the command line as "play x y" where x and y indicate the coordinates of the piece. After each move, the board is displayed on the graphical window and on the command line.

contact me at, or visit me at!

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