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Student styled Catan!
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This is the University of Waterloo themed multiplayer Catan game I created along with two other group members for the culminating project in CS246(Object Oriented Programming), using C++. The game board, instructions and commands are all displayed through the command line. The game is implemented with polymorphism, smart pointers and iterator design pattern. I will not display any implementation code here due to regulation policies and will only post the header, object files along with the executable. Instructions: Launch the game on command line without any arguments: ./watan The game is similar as the original catan game, where instead of building roads, you now achieve goals instead; instead of building a settlement, you complete assignments. The thief becomes the goose. Players can trade with others for resources. Completing assignments, upgrading and achievements all help players to gain victory points. The first student to achieve 10 victory points wins the game! (other rules from catan still apply, eg: no 2 assignments can be completed exactly with one goal connecting them(they cannot be beside each other)!

Contact me at for more info, or visit me at!

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