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Dan Abramov gaearon

Co-authored Redux, Create React App, React Hot Loader, React DnD. Helping improve @reactjs.

@facebook London, UK

Shawn McCool ShawnMcCool

Big Name Utrecht, Netherlands

Paul Dragoonis dragoonis

Twitter: @dr4goonis Glasgow, Scotland

Niall O'Brien niallobrien

Clock. Waterford, Ireland

Taylor Otwell taylorotwell

Creator of the @laravel framework. Creator of Forge and Envoyer.

Laravel Little Rock, AR

Daniel Berry dberry37388

Berry Media Group Tullahoma, TN

Daniel Petrie dlpetrie

Illuminate Education Placentia, CA

Harro Verton WanWizard

30+ years ICT veteran. Develops in PHP, dabbles in Python, C, Javascript, Bash shell, ... Runs a web development business and a managed hosting business by day.

Exite BV Rotterdam, The Netherlands

William J Crowcroft wjcrowcroft

Founder at Open Exchange Rates.

@openexchangerates London

Tom Schlick tomschlick

Senior Software Engineer at @runmybusiness working on solutions for the Real Estate industry -- Creator of @zonewatcher DNS Changelog

@runmybusiness Pittsburgh, PA

Phil Sturgeon philsturgeon

Software Engineer @WeWork. Author of @apisyouwonthate. Chief T-Shirt Officer at All about bikes and turtles.

WeWork Brooklyn, NY