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Cryptocurrency Historical Market Data R Package
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Historical Cryptocurrency Prices For ALL Tokens!

Now providing support for the CMC professional API Easily interact with the professional API for CoinMarketCap through use of the keychain and rstudioapi packages.

Additional information on setup and usage can be found here. R-Studio and using Keyring

Retrieves all the open, high, low, close values for all cryptocurrencies. This retrieves data from CoinMarketCap's historical prices, exchange details and current prices API.

  • Retrieves historical crypto currency data crypto_history()
  • Retrieves current crypto currency prices crypto_prices()
  • Retrieves list of all crypto currencies crypto_list()
  • Retrieves all crypto exchanges and their listings crypto_exchanges()
  • Converts/summarises historical data into xts objects crypto_xts()
  • Inidividual crypto currency time series data crypto_timeseries()
  • Global markets time series data crypto_global_markets()


Below are the high level dependencies for the package to install correctly.

R (>= 3.4.0), rvest, xml2

# Ubuntu 
sudo apt install libxml2-dev libcurl4-openssl-dev libssl-dev


The crypto R-package is installable through CRAN or through github.

# Installing via CRAN
install.packages("crypto", dependencies = TRUE)

# Installing via Github

Package Usage

These are the main functions that are added so far and a brief summary of what they do. Additional parameters are viewable in the documentation for each function.

Please note that CoinMarketCap have recently introduced a rate limiter on their service of 30 calls per minute, this package will now run slower to accomodate for the rate limit.

Please give this package a star if you find it helpful


# Retrieve crypto market history for all-to-n coins
will_i_get_rich <- crypto_history(limit=50)

# Retrieve crypto market history for specific coin
will_i_get_rich_from <- crypto_history("kin")

# Get list of coins and rank
rich_list <- crypto_list()

# Retrieve current crypto market details
am_i_rich_now <- crypto_prices()

# Retrieve exchange details for all coins or specific coin
where_do_i_get_rich <- crypto_exchanges()

# Convert and/or summarise market history into xts object
when_will_i_get_rich <- crypto_xts(will_i_get_rich, "week")

# Get timeseries market data for token for displaying in charts
show_me_getting_rich <- crypto_timeseries('bitcoin')

# Get timeseries global market data for all coins or alt coins for displaying in charts
show_me_everyone_getting_rich <- crypto_global_markets()

Package Issues

Please run the below before raising an issue, then include the output from sessionInfo()



Built With 😻 R

  • Kaggle - Get this dataset on kaggle!
  • CoinSpot - Invest $AUD into Crypto today!
  • CoinMarketCap - Providing amazing data @CoinMarketCap
  • CRAN - The CRAN repository for crypto


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the <> file for details</>


  • Thanks to the team at for the great work they do and to the team at CoinTelegraph where the images were sourced.

  • Please star this if you find it useful, and remember the crypto currency market is volatile by nature, please be responsible if trading.

  • If by chance you do manage to make your fortune through some game-changing model, I'd appreciate your consideration in the below :)

    ERC-20: 0x375923Bf82F0b728d23A5704261a6e16341fd860
    XRP: rK59semLsuJZEWftxBFhWuNE6uhznjz2bK
    LTC: LWpiZMd2cEyqCdrZrs9TjsouTLWbFFxwCj
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