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@Jessecar96 Jessecar96 released this Jan 29, 2020

  • Fixed adding new accounts. Steam added another email confirmation step when adding a phone number to an account.
  • Fixed auto trade confirmations only working for the currently selected account.
  • Fixed "Setup New Account" and "Setup Encryption" buttons not resizing correctly.
  • Removed the ability to import from Android devices. This almost never worked and it's not safe to root your devices.
  • Handle cases where manifest.json gets corrupted.

Be careful downloading SDA. You should only be getting it from this GitHub page.
SDA is not dead. More updates are hopefully coming soon.

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@Jessecar96 Jessecar96 released this Mar 28, 2018

This release, and SDA from now on only supports Windows 7 and higher.

You may need to download .NET 4.6.2:

  • Changed target framework to 4.6.2 - this fixes checking for updates.
  • Updated CEF to v63
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@geel9 geel9 released this Mar 7, 2018

This release is a simple update of the SteamAuth library. This should fix auto-confirmations if you've been having issues with them.

As a side-effect, confirmation descriptions will currently not appear on confirmation popups.

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@Jessecar96 Jessecar96 released this Jun 17, 2017

Sorry for taking so long on this release, I've been very busy with other projects.

Here's what's new:

  • Added CTRL + C hotkey to copy login token
  • Changed the default form button to the copy button
  • Added the -k CLI option to specify your encryption key on startup
  • Added the -s CLI option to start SDA in the tray
  • Removed the Android instructions and replaced it with a link to the wiki
  • Added message boxes when confirmations fail to load, instead of just showing the white screen.
  • Fixes for importing accounts from Android
  • Fixed exceptions when confirmations fail to load
  • Fixed exception when copying token too fast
  • Fixed exception when selecting accounts
  • Fixed exception when logging into a broken account
  • Updated CefSharp to version 57.0.0
  • Updated Newtonsoft.Json

To update: download the "" and extract the contents into your current SDA folder replacing any files it asks to.

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Jun 17, 2017

@geel9 geel9 released this Jul 15, 2016

This version fixes the bug that caused users to be asked to log into their Steam accounts far too often. It also makes use of Steam's new batch confirmation acceptance feature when auto-confirmation is enabled, and there are multiple confirmations to auto-confirm.

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@geel9 geel9 released this Jul 13, 2016

This release fixes the following issues:

-Fixes market confirmations causing a crash
-Prompts user to re-enter their login details when their Steam OAuth token has expired. This fixes the confirmations page being blank.

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Jul 13, 2016

@geel9 geel9 released this May 10, 2016

This release fixes the issue where a failed session refresh (caused by, say, your internet connection lapsing) would cause an unhandled exception to be thrown.

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@geel9 geel9 released this Mar 23, 2016

This minor update fixes an occasional crash when automatic confirmation checking is enabled.

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