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Live Site

Project Overview

BookWorm is a virtual bookshelf, a way to view different books by book cover and create a visual experience of book shopping. The idea is that users can see the results of popular books by book cover and then choose a category to view books.

Tech Stack

  • Server-side: Ruby on Rails, SQLite before switching to PostgreSQL for Heroku, ActiveRecord

  • Client-side: Foundation 5 (HTML, CSS, SASS)

  • APIs: Google Books API

Potential Additions

  • Extend search functionality so users can select a book category and the books

then display for that proper category

  • Use Devise for user authentication

  • Create sign in/sign up functionality

  • Once a user signs in they can save the book they are interested in to their virtual bookshelf

  • Link to purchase the book


  • Home page Hero :

  • Home page Second section:

  • Home page Mobile app section:

  • Books page:

  • Books page dropdown menu: