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Sublime Text 2 Plugin to switch and resize 2-Columns layout in the fastest and most comfortable way.
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A Sublime Text 2 plugin created to switch and resize a 2-Columns layout in the easiest and most confortable way. Just press the keyboard shortcuts and the plugin will make the indicated column your working column, by automatically focusing on it and making it wider.

No more going back to the mouse to manually resize your columns everytime you want to switch from one side to another.


Pressing Alt+Ctrl+left or Alt+Ctrl+right (or Ctrl+Super+left / Ctrl+Super+right on Linux) will switch focus to the respective column and resize it according to the configured ratio (which by default is "7:3" and "3:7"). You can change these ratios, the keyboard shortcuts and the ability to autofocus when resizing in the settings of this package following the Preferences > Package Settings > SplitScreen-Resizer menu. You can even make it autosize the columns on mouse click or on Sublime's default Focus Group command.

So if you are a full-keyboard coder or a mouse lover, this plugin got you covered.


Created by

Jesus Leon (@iamjessu).


  • ArtisR (Artis Raugulis) - Added mouse focus.

This plugin combines functionalities from these plugins:



  • Added onFocus support.
  • Ratios and behavior are configured in the settings file.


  • Added autofocus feature.


  • Resize columns by pressing the configured keys.


Numbers are treated as a ratio, so 50:50 is identical to 1:1.

For example:

(2 columns, equal width. 1 row)

|        |         |
|        |         |
|        |         |
|        |         |
|        |         |
|        |         |

(2 columns, one twice the width of the other. 1 row)

|      |           |
|      |           |
|      |           |
|      |           |
|      |           |
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