Commits on Oct 7, 2018
  1. Remove usage of sput-object-volatile into FieldUsageTypeTest

    mikaelpeltier authored and JesusFreke committed Oct 6, 2018
    - Since 2db1dec, sput-object-volatile is no longer supported at default api level.
    Thus remove his usage until Smalidea has a way to define the api level to use.
  2. Update results of testPackedSwitch and testSparseSwitch

    mikaelpeltier authored and JesusFreke committed Oct 6, 2018
    - Computation of switch target offsets was modified into
    thus update expected results to reflect this change.
  3. Align smallidea tokens and grammar on smali

    mikaelpeltier authored and JesusFreke committed Oct 6, 2018
    - Now the following tests are fixed:
     * org.jf.smalidea.MethodRenameTest.testMethodRename
     * org.jf.smalidea.dexlib.SmalideaMethodTest.testArrayData
     * org.jf.smalidea.dexlib.SmalideaMethodTest.testCatchBlocks
     * org.jf.smalidea.MethodReferenceTest.testJavaReferenceFromSmali
     * org.jf.smalidea.MethodReferenceTest.testSmaliReferenceFromSmali
     * org.jf.smalidea.SmaliCodeFragmentFactoryTest.testUnknownClass
     * org.jf.smalidea.SmaliCodeFragmentFactoryTest.testRegisterType
     * org.jf.smalidea.findUsages.MethodUsageTypeTest.testMethodUsageTypes
     * org.jf.smalidea.findUsages.HighlightLocalClassUsagesTest.testHighlightLocalClassUsage
     * org.jf.smalidea.findUsages.FindClassUsagesTest.testSmaliUsageInSmaliFile
     * org.jf.smalidea.findUsages.FindClassUsagesTest.testJavaUsageInSmaliFile
  4. Update gradle wrapper as defined by the gradle version into the wrapp…

    mikaelpeltier authored and JesusFreke committed Oct 4, 2018
    …er task
    - Now the used gradle wrapper is the same than the gradle wrapper specified
    into the wrapper task of build.gradle.