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// *** Understanding the way this plugin works ***
// Action, reaction:
// Case 1: If user focus, the plugin resizes.
// Case 2: If user resizes, the plugin focus.
// Case 1.
// Resize when giving focus to a Group (column)?
// Note that Sublime API triggers this event on the following cases:
// - When clicking on the working area of a column *BUT* not on the scroll bar
// and the Minimap.
// - When clicking on a Tab of a column. That includes the Close (x) button.
// - When giving focus to a column using default key shortcuts: Ctrl+{NUMBER}.
"resize_on_focus" : true,
// Case 2.
// Focus when resizing using this plugin's keyboard shortcuts?
// If false, it will only resize the columns keeping the focus where it is.
// This can be useful depending on how your ratios are defined.
"focus_on_resize" : true,
// Columns resize ratios:
// Remember that 70:30 = 7:3 = 0.7:0.3
"ratio_left" : "65:35",
"ratio_right" : "35:65"
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