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F# Support in ReSharper
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R# 10


This project is an attempt to build a plug-in to support the F# programming language in ReSharper.

Broadly speaking, its goals are to:

  • Provide ReSharper with a PSI (lexer+parser+inference engine)
  • Provide integration with existing R# features (e.g., navigation, search, etc.)
  • Provide OOP-related as well as FP-related services (e.g., type inferencing helpers)


Note: the plugin is not yet ready to be installed and executed. For now, to see it in action, run the LexerVisualization application.

At the moment, we are working towards the 0.1 release, which aims to have a fully (or maybe 95%) compliant lexer covered with tests. What we need is:

  • To correctly define known F# constructs in the .lex. file (and also in Tokens.xml, but see note in the next section).
  • To create a sufficient number of lexer tests to ensure everything works.

A correctly working lexer (plus maybe one lexer-based service, e.g., TODO explorer support) would constitute the 0.1 release (tentative roadmap).


In order to compile the project, you need the following:

If you have all of these on the machine, the solution should build out of the box. (If it doesn't, please post an issue on the tracker.)

Please note that, currently, any changes to Tokens.xml will need to be processed on our end - this is due to one code generation tool not making it into the SDK (please vote for it). This mechamism might be reworked at a later time.


To debug the plugin, you need to

  • Have ReSharper 7.1 installed for Visual Studio 2012
  • Set Plugin project as StartUp project
  • In the Debug section of the project properties
    • Set the start action to "Start external program" and specify the path to your Visual Studio installation e.g. "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0\Common7\IDE\devenv.exe".
    • Set the command line arguments to match your debug output directory e.g. "/ReSharper.Internal /ReSharper.Plugin C:\Code\FSharper\bindebug".
  • Press F5 and load a F# project

In addition, try running the LexerVisualization project - this gives a graphical representation of a file being lexed. You can just type things in or open an existing F# file. If you see valid code turn red - that needs to be fixed.


Pull requests are most welcome and will be reviewed and integrated as soon as humanly possible. However, please don't commit one-line pull requests, as those just waste everyone's time (feel free to use --squash if necessary). Right now, the bulk of development happens on the develop branch, though other branches will be created for various subsystems.

If you're not sure what to contribute, please take a look at the issues list.

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