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MPS Extensions

The MPS extensions aim to ease language development within MPS. They are maintained by itemis, JetBrains, and the open source community, and its development is closely aligned with the development of MPS.

Join the dicussion on Slack in the #mps-extensions room.


The MPS extensions can be built with gradle. In order to build the source code, all you need is a Java 11 JDK. Of course, if you want to hack on the MPS extensions, you need MPS. The MPS version that is currently used is in the build.gradle file.

Run the following commands to build the project:

./gradlew # Mac and Linux
gradlew.bat # Windows

This will download the required MPS version, so you need to be online when executing the build for the first time (later on, the downloaded artifacts will be cached).

The default task does not run the tests as part of the build. Execute the following command to run the tests:

./gradlew run_tests # Mac and Linux
gradlew.bat run_tests # Windows

See the building page of the documentation for more details.


For more information on the individual extensions, see our documentation.

The source of the documentation is located in the docs folder of this repository, in case you would like to contribute to it.


See our contribution guide here.