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MPS-9540 Update releaseNotes.txt file in accordance with MPS 1.5 state

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New Features in 1.5
-- Run Configurations DSL. Run configurations for main classes and unit tests.
-- Navigation from a stacktrace to corresponding part in MPS
-- Ant task for generating / checking MPS models
+- Fully-functioning custom DSL debugger for languages reducing into MPS base language
+- Version Control integration with Editor and Project pane
+- Parallel generation usable for multi-core systems
+- Overall generator and platfrom performance improvements
+- DSL for creating and editing GWT client application manifests
+- Various MPS DSLs changes introducing more "sintactic sugar" there
-- Anonymous classes' structure was refactored, old structure of anonymous classes was made deprecated.
-Instant quick fixes and migration script are provided.
+See more on MPS web site:

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