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set -e
# 0. update package lists
sudo apt-get update
# 0.1. reinstall sshd (workaround for initial version of WSL)
sudo apt remove -y --purge openssh-server
sudo apt install -y openssh-server
# 0.2. install basic dependencies
sudo apt install -y cmake gcc clang gdb valgrind build-essential
# 1.1. configure sshd
sudo cp $SSHD_FILE ${SSHD_FILE}.`date '+%Y-%m-%d_%H-%M-%S'`.back
sudo sed -i '/^ListenAddress/ d' $SSHD_FILE
sudo sed -i '/^Port/ d' $SSHD_FILE
sudo sed -i '/^UsePrivilegeSeparation/ d' $SSHD_FILE
sudo sed -i '/^PasswordAuthentication/ d' $SSHD_FILE
echo "# configured by CLion" | sudo tee -a $SSHD_FILE
echo "ListenAddress ${SSHD_LISTEN_ADDRESS}" | sudo tee -a $SSHD_FILE
echo "Port ${SSHD_PORT}" | sudo tee -a $SSHD_FILE
echo "UsePrivilegeSeparation no" | sudo tee -a $SSHD_FILE
echo "PasswordAuthentication yes" | sudo tee -a $SSHD_FILE
# 1.2. apply new settings
sudo service ssh --full-restart
# 2. autostart: run sshd
sed -i '/^sudo service ssh --full-restart/ d' ~/.bashrc
echo "%sudo ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: /usr/sbin/service ssh --full-restart" | sudo tee -a $SUDOERS_FILE
cat << 'EOF' >> ~/.bashrc
sshd_status=$(service ssh status)
if [[ $sshd_status = *"is not running"* ]]; then
sudo service ssh --full-restart
# summary: SSHD config info
echo "SSH server parameters ($SSHD_FILE):"
echo "ListenAddress ${SSHD_LISTEN_ADDRESS}"
echo "Port ${SSHD_PORT}"
echo "UsePrivilegeSeparation no"
echo "PasswordAuthentication yes"
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