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JetBrains team project

This is a tool to convert color schemes from TextMate to IntelliJ Platform based products such as IntelliJ IDEA, RubyMine and PyCharm.

Since the way highlighting works in TextMate is not an exact match for the capabilities of IntelliJ Platform, we try to perform an intelligent mapping between the two. In particular, color definitions not existing in TextMate are remapped from the default IntelliJ color scheme based on the background color used in the TextMate theme, to ensure that the resulting text is readable.

The table of the mappings is not yet complete; additions and corrections are very much welcome.

Note that the tool requires Python version 2.7. The default version of Python installed on MacOS X Snow Leopard is 2.6; you'll need to use Python from MacPorts/Homebrew if you'd like to run the tool on 10.6.