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List of Supported Set Commands

The following :set commands can appear in ~/.ideavimrc or set manually in the command mode:

'clipboard'      'cb'    clipboard options
'digraph'        'dg'    enable the entering of digraphs in Insert mode
'gdefault'       'gd'    the ":substitute" flag 'g' is default on
'history'        'hi'    number of command-lines that are remembered
'hlsearch'       'hls'   highlight matches with last search pattern
'ignorecase'     'ic'    ignore case in search patterns
'incsearch'      'is'    show where search pattern typed so far matches
'matchpairs'     'mps'   pairs of characters that "%" can match
'nrformats'      'nf'    number formats recognized for CTRL-A command
'number'         'nu'    print the line number in front of each line
'relativenumber' 'rnu'   show the line number relative to the line with
                         the cursor
'scroll'         'scr'   lines to scroll with CTRL-U and CTRL-D
'scrolljump'     'sj'    minimum number of lines to scroll
'scrolloff'      'so'    minimum nr. of lines above and below cursor
'selection'      'sel'   what type of selection to use
'showmode'       'smd'   message on status line to show current mode
'sidescroll'     'ss'    minimum number of columns to scroll horizontal
'sidescrolloff'  'siso'  min. nr. of columns to left and right of cursor
'smartcase'      'scs'   no ignore case when pattern has uppercase
'timeoutlen'     'tm'    time that is waited for a mapped key sequence
'undolevels'     'ul'    maximum number of changes that can be undone
'visualbell'     'vb'    use visual bell instead of beeping
'wrapscan'       'ws'    searches wrap around the end of the file
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