Open-source plugins included in the distribution of IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate and other IDEs based on the IntelliJ Platform
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AngularJS WEB-34224 NPE when invoking the completion inside angular template Aug 17, 2018
CFML must not be possible to re-register key with different fallback. Cfml… Aug 17, 2018
Dart cleanup (NotNull) Aug 15, 2018
IDEtalk cleanup (NotNull) Aug 15, 2018
JsTestDriver eliminate RunnerRegistryImpl Aug 15, 2018
appcode-reveal use https Aug 13, 2018
cucumber-groovy make Query accept wildcard processor: update executor implementations Apr 3, 2018
cucumber-java add override Aug 14, 2018
cucumber add override Aug 14, 2018
error-prone add override Aug 14, 2018
flex TemplateProcessors should properly handle injected files Aug 15, 2018
handlebars add override Aug 14, 2018
js-karma add override Aug 14, 2018
markdown IDEA-CR-35903 correct `comment` test Aug 17, 2018
osmorc plexus-utils as maven lib Aug 16, 2018
phoneGap cleanup (NotNull) Aug 15, 2018
postcss add override Aug 14, 2018
prettierJS annotated AnActionEvent parameter @NotNull Aug 6, 2018
ruby-motion add override Aug 14, 2018
ruby-testing ruby: Fix typo in rm_reporter_plugin.rb Jul 30, 2018
struts2 cleanup (NotNull) Aug 15, 2018
tapestry plexus-utils as maven lib, remove SnakeYAML since it is already speci… Aug 16, 2018
tslint add override Aug 14, 2018
vuejs WEB-34076 Create default run configurations for React project ( npm s… Aug 14, 2018
.gitattributes auto cr/lf Dec 7, 2012
.gitignore ignore OS X .DS_Store matadata Oct 12, 2009 add README file with JB-official badge to contrib repository Sep 4, 2017

IntelliJ Plugins official JetBrains project

Open-source plugins included in the distribution of IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate and other IDEs based on the IntelliJ Platform.