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Open-source plugins included in the distribution of IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate and other IDEs based on the IntelliJ Platform
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Latest commit 1629921 Jun 25, 2016 @Iris24 Iris24 angular ui-router diagram: do not patch hierarchical group layouter w…
…ith parralel edges renderer, it works poor
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AngularJS angular ui-router diagram: do not patch hierarchical group layouter w… Jun 25, 2016
CFML [platform] illegal character highlighting restricted to Java (IDEA-CR… Jun 1, 2016
Dart fix tests Jun 24, 2016
Flutter Breakpoints in Dart do not work if entry point is in lib folder Jun 2, 2016
IDEtalk simplify getting project from AnActionEvent May 24, 2016
JsTestDriver anonymous -> lambda Jun 1, 2016
appcode-reveal don't specify ITNReporter as errorHandler explicitly, it is automatic… Dec 17, 2015
cucumber-groovy [groovy] tests: implement getBasePath() Jun 8, 2016
cucumber-java IDEA-157368 Behave: Scenario outline parameters are not highlighted i… Jun 14, 2016
cucumber Cucumber test data fixed Jun 16, 2016
error-prone get rid of PROJECT FILE macro to avoid issues like IDEA-149660 IDEA-1… Feb 4, 2016
flex JS: highlight semantic keywords having annotator errors Jun 22, 2016
handlebars build stubs for handlebars files Jun 1, 2016
js-karma extract BrowserChromeDebugProcess — avoid browser-specific hacks in t… Jun 16, 2016
markdown Remove "unused" suppression since JavaFxHtmlPanel is instantiated via… Jun 24, 2016
osmorc [osgi] facet serialization speed-up (IDEA-98680) Jun 15, 2016
phoneGap phonegap: no ui exceptions if server is down Jun 2, 2016
pycharm-maya anonymous -> lambda Jun 1, 2016
ruby-motion CPP-5539 Remote debug: RunParameters cleanup Jun 23, 2016
ruby-testing RUBY-17925 Tests runner is incompatible with Rake 11.0.0 (after revie… Mar 24, 2016
struts2 SpringFacet.addFileSet(): enforce non-empty and unique ID/name Jun 3, 2016
.gitattributes auto cr/lf Dec 7, 2012
.gitignore ignore OS X .DS_Store matadata Oct 12, 2009
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