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"ng-add": {
"@a.grisevich/ng-zorro-antd": "An enterprise-class UI components based on Ant Design and Angular",
"@angular-toolkit/serverless": "Angular Universal PWA boilerplate for serverless environment.",
"@angular/elements": "Angular - library for using Angular Components as Custom Elements",
"@angular/material": "Angular Material",
"@angular/pwa": "PWA schematics for Angular",
"@balticcode/ngx-hotkeys": "An Angular module providing hotkey support.",
"@briebug/jest": "Add jest to an Angular CLI project",
"@clr/angular": "Angular components for Clarity",
"@davinkevin/jest": "Angular Schematics which add Jest to your original setup",
"@dx-samples/creative-bootstrap-components": "Library with reusable WCH components.",
"@jarmee/schematics": "A collection of schematics",
"@kentan-official/schematics": "Schematics for @kentan-official/core automating creation of sketches",
"@mace/prettier-schematics": "Add Prettier to your Angular CLI projects.",
"@nativescript/schematics": "Schematics for NativeScript Angular apps.",
"@ng-bootstrap/schematics": "ng-bootstrap schematics collection for angular-cli",
"@ng-toolkit/firebug": "Add Firebug lite to your Angular project.",
"@ng-toolkit/pwa": "Extension for @angular/pwa - adds server-side rendering fixes and update mechanism",
"@ng-toolkit/serverless": "Angular Universal PWA boilerplate for serverless environment.",
"@ng-toolkit/universal": "Adds Angular Universal support for any Angular CLI project",
"@ngrx/effects": "Side effect model for @ngrx/store",
"@ngrx/store": "RxJS powered Redux for Angular apps",
"@ngrx/store-devtools": "Developer tools for @ngrx/store",
"@ngx-formly/schematics": "ngx-formly is an Angular 2 module which has a Components to help customize and render JavaScript/JSON configured forms. The formly-form Component and the FormlyConfig service are very powerful and bring unmatched maintainability to your application\u0027s form",
"@ngx-kit/core": "Toolkit and collection of Schematics for generating UI components",
"@nrwl/schematics": "Nrwl Extensions for Angular: Schematics",
"@nstudio/schematics": "Cross-platform (xplat) tools for Nx workspaces.",
"@progress/kendo-angular-conversational-ui": "Kendo UI for Angular Conversational UI components",
"@progress/kendo-angular-excel-export": "Kendo UI for Angular Excel Export component",
"@progress/kendo-angular-menu": "Kendo UI Angular Menu component",
"@progress/kendo-angular-pdf-export": "Kendo UI for Angular PDF Export Component",
"@progress/kendo-angular-popup": "Kendo UI Angular 2 Popup component",
"@progress/kendo-angular-scrollview": "A ScrollView Component for Angular 2",
"@progress/kendo-angular-sortable": "A Sortable Component for Angular 2",
"@progress/kendo-angular-toolbar": "Kendo UI Angular 2 component starter template",
"@progress/kendo-angular-upload": "Kendo UI Angular 2 Upload Component",
"@progress/kendo-schematics": "Kendo UI Schematics for Angular",
"@schuchard/prettier": "An Angular schematic for adding prettier",
"@slupekdev/vscode": "A schematic to add recommended extensions and configuration to debug an application generated by the Angular CLI.",
"@xlh/ng-zorro-antd": "An enterprise-class UI components based on Ant Design and Angular",
"angular-made-with-love": "🚀 An experimental project which demonstrates an Angular Package which contains Angular Elements and Schematics",
"angular-popper": "Popover component for Angular 2+ based on Popper.js library.",
"bootstrap-schematics": "Bootstrap Options Schema",
"host-antd": "An enterprise-class UI components based on Ant Design and Angular",
"ng-cli-pug-loader": "An schematic to add support for .pug files on Angular projects",
"ng-danielszenasi-antd": "An enterprise-class UI components based on Ant Design and Angular",
"ng-lists": "List Components for Angular",
"ng-momentum": "Momentum is an Angular Schematic developed by the Bottle Rocket Web Team to build best-in-class web applications faster.",
"ng-zorro-antd": "An enterprise-class UI components based on Ant Design and Angular",
"ngcli-wallaby": "A schematic to add wallabyJS config to Angular project",
"ngx-cbp-theme": "CBP Theme",
"ngx-localstorage": "An Angular wrapper for local storage access.",
"ngx-weui": "weui for angular",
"puppeteer-schematic": "An Angular Schematic to add Chrome Headless instead of PhantomJS",
"yang-schematics": "Yet Another Angular Generator"