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Support for Scalastyle #62

janm399 opened this Issue · 7 comments

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I'm adding Scalastyle support to the Scala plugin. The aim is to make it work as well as the Eclipse plugin.

So far, my code only checks the Scala code and reports errors as expected. It uses the default Scalastyle configuration.

I still need to add:

  • Loading of custom configuration from the project's settings
  • Improved error reporting in IDEA


:+1: Would be a really nice feature ;-)


Thanks to Jan, Scala plugin already has it.

@Alefas Alefas closed this

I see that the plugin recognizes the scalastyle XML configuration. But is there also a UI where I can edit the configuration file?


No. You have to configure it in XML.
We will not implement such UI in the nearest future. But as third-party contribution, you are welcome.


I'm back from my holiday; I agree that a UI would be nice; I'll should have some time to work on it in the next week or so.


how do I know that IntelliJ loaded my /scalastyle-config.xml file?


@tkellogg You can check with something, what IDEA doesn't report, but Scalastyle does. For example var definitions.

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