Rendering Kotlin code in Atlassian Confluence Wiki
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Kotlin confluence plugin

Rendering Kotlin code in Atlassian Confluence Wiki.

Using plugin

After installing


To build jar file with plugin, you need to run this maven tasks:

  • compliler:compile
  • confluence:jar

which will create a jar file at "target" directory under your project root. Then you can install it using Confluence Admin / Plugins Page.


To run Unit tests for Kotlin Confluence plugin use:

  • compliler:testCompile
  • confluence:unit-tests

NB! If you write your own test, class name must contain a "test" word.

Running Locally

To run confluence on your computer use a maven task:

  • confluence:run

Then install the plugin on your local confluence using:

  • confluence:install

Updating Lexer

To update the lexer, first time you try to update you need to download source files of the following projects to any place on your local file system:

After that create a file named under your project root. In this file write the paths to source roots downloaded in the previous step. For example:


At the end run ant task named confluenceLexer in buildConfluenceLexer.xml.

ant -f buildConfluenceLexer.xml