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TensorFlow demo

Small Hello World calculation on the TensorFlow backend, arranging simple operations into a graph and running it on a session. Like other TensorFlow clients (e. g. for Python), this example is built on top of the TensorFlow C API, showing how a TensorFlow client in Kotlin/Native could look like.



will install TensorFlow for C into $HOME/.konan/third-party/tensorflow (if not yet done). One may override the location of third-party/tensorflow by setting the KONAN_DATA_DIR environment variable.

To build use ../gradlew build or ./build.sh.

Then run

../gradlew run

Alternatively you can run artifact directly


You may need to specify LD_LIBRARY_PATH or DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH to $HOME/.konan/third-party/tensorflow/lib if the TensorFlow dynamic library cannot be found.