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Analysis API. FIR

  • KT-50864 Analysis API: ISE: "KtCallElement should always resolve to a KtCallInfo" is thrown on call resolution inside plusAssign target
  • KT-50252 Analysis API: Implement FirModuleResolveStates for libraries
  • KT-50862 Analsysis API: do not create use site subsitution override symbols

Analysis API. FIR Low Level API

  • KT-50729 Type bound is not fully resolved
  • KT-50728 Lazy resolve of extension function from 'kotlin' package breaks over unresolved type
  • KT-50271 Analysis API: get rid of using FirRefWithValidityCheck

Backend. Native. Debug

  • KT-50558 K/N Debugger. Error is not displayed in variables view for catch block


New Features

  • KT-26245 Add ability to specify generic type parameters as not-null
  • KT-45165 Remove JVM target version 1.6
  • KT-27435 Allow implementation by delegation to inlined value of inline class
  • KT-47939 Support method references to functional interface constructors
  • KT-50775 Support IR partial linkage in Kotlin/Native (disabled by default)
  • KT-51737 Kotlin/Native: Remove unnecessary safepoints on watchosArm32 and iosArm32 targets
  • KT-44249 NEW_INFERENCE_NO_INFORMATION_FOR_PARAMETER with type usage in higher order function

Performance Improvements

  • KT-48233 Switching to JVM IR backend increases compilation time by more than 15%
  • KT-51699 Kotlin/Native: runtime has no LTO in debug binaries
  • KT-34466 Use optimized switch over enum only when all entries are constant enum entry expressions
  • KT-50861 FIR: Combination of array set convention and plusAssign works exponentially
  • KT-47171 For loop doesn't avoid boxing with value class iterators (JVM)
  • KT-29199 'next' calls for iterators of merged primitive progressive values are not specialized
  • KT-50585 JVM IR: Array constructor loop should use IINC
  • KT-22429 Optimize 'for' loop code generation for reversed arrays
  • KT-50074 Performance regression in String-based 'when' with single equality clause
  • KT-22334 Compiler backend could generate smaller code for loops using range such as integer..array.size -1
  • KT-35272 Unnecessary null check on unsafe cast after not-null assertion operator
  • KT-27427 Optimize nullable check introduced with 'as' cast


  • KT-46762 Finalize support for jspecify
  • KT-51499 @file:OptIn doesn't cover override methods
  • KT-52037 FIR: add error in 1.7.0 branch if run with non-compatible plugins
  • KT-46756 Release the K2/JVM compiler in Alpha
  • KT-49715 IR: "IllegalStateException: Function has no body: FUN name:toString" during IR lowering with shadowed extension inside interface
  • KT-45508 False negative ABSTRACT_CLASS_MEMBER_NOT_IMPLEMENTED on a fake override with an abstract super class member
  • KT-28078 Report error "Public property exposes its private type" for primary constructor properties instead of warning
  • KT-49017 Forbid usages of super or super if in fact it accesses an abstract member
  • KT-38078 Prohibit calling methods from Any with "super" qualifier once they are overridden as abstract in superclass
  • KT-52363 Evaluate impact of qualified this behavior change warnings
  • KT-52561 JVM: Coroutine state machine loses value after a check-induced smart cast
  • KT-52311 java.lang.VerifyError: Bad type on operand stack
  • KT-41124 Inconsistency of exceptions at init block for an enum entry with and without a qualifier name
  • KT-46860 Make safe calls always nullable
  • KT-52503 New green code appeared at the callable reference resolution
  • KT-51925 Native: "IllegalStateException: Symbol for kotlinx.cinterop/CStructVar|null[0] is unbound" caused by inline function
  • KT-49317 "IllegalStateException: Parent of this declaration is not a class: FUN LOCAL_FUNCTION_FOR_LAMBDA" with parameter of suspend type with the default parameter
  • KT-51844 New errors in overload resolution involving vararg extension methods
  • KT-52006 "java.lang.Throwable: Unbalanced tree Exception" on indexing kotlin project
  • KT-51223 Report warning about conflicting inherited members from deserialized dependencies
  • KT-51439 FE 1.0: implement type variance conflict deprecation on qualifier type arguments
  • KT-51433 FE 1.0: implement warnings about label resolve changes
  • KT-51317 Regression in resolution of lambdas where expected type has an extension receiver parameter
  • KT-45935 JVM IR: Add not-null assertion for explicit definitely not-null parameters
  • KT-51818 "ClassCastException: class CoroutineSingletons cannot be cast to class" with suspendCoroutineUninterceptedOrReturn and coroutines
  • KT-51718 JVM / IR: "VerifyError: Bad type on operand stack" caused by nullable variable inside suspend function
  • KT-51927 Native: The symbol of unexpected type encountered during IR deserialization error when multiple libraries have non-conflicting declarations with the same name
  • KT-52394 JVM: Missing annotation on method with value class return type when a subclass is present in the same file in Kotlin 1.7.0-Beta
  • KT-51640 FIR: remove warning about "far from being production ready"
  • KT-45553 FIR: support hiding declaration from star import by as import
  • KT-52404 Prolong deprecation cycle for errors at contravariant usages of star projected argument from Java
  • KT-50734 TYPE_MISMATCH: NonNull parameter with a type of Nullable type argument causes compiler warning
  • KT-51235 JVM / IR: "AbstractMethodError: Receiver class does not define or inherit an implementation of the resolved method" when property with inline class type is overridden to return Nothing?
  • KT-48935 NI: Multiple generic parameter type constraints are not applied as expected when the parameter is of function type
  • KT-49661 NI: No TYPE_INFERENCE_UPPER_BOUND_VIOLATED when argument is inferred by return type
  • KT-50877 Inconsistent flexible type
  • KT-51988 "NPE: getContainingDeclaration…lDeclarationType.REGULAR) must not be null" when using @BuilderInference with multiple type arguments
  • KT-48890 Revert Opt-In restriction "Overriding methods can only have opt-in annotations that are present on their basic declarations."
  • KT-52035 FIR: add error in 1.7.0 branch if run on JS / Native configuration
  • KT-45461 NI: False negative TYPE_INFERENCE_UPPER_BOUND_VIOLATED when passing an argument to a function with generic constraints
  • KT-52146 JVM IR: "AssertionError: Primitive array expected" on vararg of SAM types with self-type and star projection
  • KT-50730 Implement error for a super class constructor call on a function interface in supertypes list
  • KT-52040 JVM: ClassFormatError Illegal method name "expectFailure$__proxy-0"
  • KT-50845 Postpone rxjava errors reporting in the strict mode till 1.8 due to found broken cases
  • KT-51979 "AssertionError: No modifier list, but modifier has been found by the analyzer" exception on incorrect Java interface override
  • KT-51759 FIR DFA: false positive "Variable must be initialized"
  • KT-50378 Unresolved reference for method in Jsoup library in a kts script file
  • KT-34919 "Visibility is unknown yet" when named parameter in a function type used in a typealias implemented by an abstract class
  • KT-51893 Duplicated [OVERRIDE_DEPRECATION] on overridden properties
  • KT-41034 K2: Change evaluation semantics for combination of safe calls and convention operators
  • KT-51843 Functional interface constructor references are incorrectly allowed in 1.6.20 without any compiler flags
  • KT-51914 False positive RETURN_TYPE_MISMATCH in intellij ultimate
  • KT-51711 Compiler warning is displayed in case there is 'if' else branch used with elvis
  • KT-33517 Kotlin ScriptEngine does not respect async code when using bindings
  • KT-51850 FIR cannot resolve ambiguity with different SinceKotlin/DeprecatedSinceKotlin
  • KT-44705 Deprecate using non-exhaustive if's and when's in rhs of elvis
  • KT-44510 FIR DFA: smartcast after elvis with escaping lambda
  • KT-44879 FIR DFA: Track inc and dec operator calls in preliminary loop visitor
  • KT-51758 FIR: explicit API mode errors should not be reported for effectively internal / private entities
  • KT-51203 FIR: Inconsistent RETURN_TYPE_MISMATCH and TYPE_MISMATCH reporting on functions and properties
  • KT-51624 FIR: false-positive INAPPLICABLE_LATEINIT_MODIFIER for lateinit properties with unresolved types
  • KT-51204 FIR IC: Incremental compilation fails on nested crossinline
  • KT-51798 Fix ISE from IR backend when data class inherits equals/hashCode/toString with incompatible signature
  • KT-46187 FIR: OVERLOAD_RESOLUTION_AMBIGUITY on SAM-converted callable reference to List::plus
  • KT-51761 Incorrect NONE_APPLICABLE in expect class
  • KT-51756 FIR: false positive NO_VALUE_FOR_PARAMETER in expect class delegated constructor call
  • KT-49778 Support cast to DefinitelyNotNull type in Native
  • KT-51441 -Xpartial-linkage option specified in Gradle build script is not passed to Native linker
  • KT-34515 NI: "AssertionError: Base expression was not processed: POSTFIX_EXPRESSION" with double not-null assertion to brackets
  • KT-48546 PSI2IR: "org.jetbrains.kotlin.psi2ir.generators.ErrorExpressionException: null: KtCallExpression" with recursive property access in lazy block
  • KT-28109 "AssertionError: No setter call" for incrementing parenthesized result of indexed access convention operator
  • KT-46136 Unsubstituted return type inferred for a function returning anonymous object upcast to supertype
  • KT-51364 FIR: ambiguity due to String constructors clash
  • KT-51621 FIR: visible VS invisible qualifier conflict
  • KT-50468 FIR compilers fails with CCE when meets top-level destruction
  • KT-51557 Inline stack frame is not shown for default inline lambda
  • KT-51358 OptIn: show default warning/error message in case of empty message argument
  • KT-44152 FIR2IR fails on declarations from java stdlib if java classes are loaded from PSI instead of binaries
  • KT-50949 PSI2IR: NSEE from ArgumentsGenerationUtilsKt.createFunctionForSuspendConversion with providing lambda as argument with suspend type
  • KT-39256 ArrayStoreException with list of anonymous objects with inferred types created in reified extension function
  • KT-39883 Deprecate computing constant values of complex boolean expressions in when condition branches and conditions of loops
  • KT-36952 Exception during codegen: cannot pop operand off an empty stack (reference equality, implicit boxing, type check)
  • KT-51233 AssertionError in JavaLikeCounterLoopBuilder with Compose
  • KT-51254 Verify Error on passing null to type parameter extending inline class
  • KT-50996 [FIR] Support Int -> Long conversion for property initializers
  • KT-51000 [FIR] Support Int -> Long? conversion
  • KT-51003 [FIR] Consider Int -> Long conversion if expected type is type variable
  • KT-51018 [FIR] Wrong type inference if one of constraints is integer literal
  • KT-51446 Metadata serialization crashes with IOOBE when deserializing underlying inline class value with type table enabled
  • KT-50973 Redundant line number mapping for finally block with JVM IR
  • KT-51272 Incompatible types: KClass and callable reference Collection::class
  • KT-51274 "Expected some types" exception on when branch for when expression of erroneous type
  • KT-51229 FIR: private constructor of internal data class treated as internal and not private
  • KT-50750 [FIR] Report UNSUPPORTED on array literals not from annotation classes
  • KT-51200 False EXPOSED_PARAMETER_TYPE for internal type parameter of internal type
  • KT-51121 Inconsistent SAM behavior in multiple cases causing AbstractMethodError (Kotlin 1.6.10)
  • KT-50136 FIR: syntax error on (T & Any)
  • KT-49465 FIR2IR: support definitely not-null types
  • KT-51357 FIR: error in inference while using integer literal in expected Long position
  • KT-49925 [FIR] Incorrect builder inference (different cases)
  • KT-50542 "IllegalStateException: Type parameter descriptor is not initialized: T declared in sort" with definitely non-null type Any & T in generic constraint
  • KT-51171 FIR: class Error resolution problem
  • KT-51156 Multiplatform linkDebugFramework task throws NoSuchElementException when expect class constructors utilize nested enum constant
  • KT-51017 [FIR] Ambiguity on callable reference between two functions on generic receiver with different bounds
  • KT-51007 [FIR] False positive ILLEGAL_SUSPEND_FUNCTION_CALL if fun interface with suspend function declared in another module
  • KT-50998 [FIR] Int.inv() cal does not considered as compile time call
  • KT-51009 [FIR] Incorrect inference of lambda in position of return
  • KT-50997 [FIR] Incorrect type of typealias for suspend functional type
  • KT-49714 Compiler reports "'operator modifier is inapplicable" if expect class with increment operator is provided via type alias
  • KT-48623 Type nullability enhancement improvements
  • KT-44623 "IllegalStateException: IdSignature is allowed only for PublicApi symbols" when suspending receiver is annotated with something
  • KT-46000 JVM / IR: AssertionError on isSubtypeOfClass check in copyValueParametersToStatic with Compose
  • KT-50211 Annotation Instantiation with default arguments in Native
  • KT-49412 Controversial "type argument is not within its bounds" reported by FIR
  • KT-48044 [FIR] Investigate behavior of UPPER_BOUND_VIOLATED on complex cases
  • KT-37975 Don't show deprecation of enum class itself for its own member
  • KT-50737 Inheritance from SuspendFunction leads to compiler crash
  • KT-50723 Implement a fix of reporting of uninitialized parameter in default values of parameters
  • KT-50749 Implement UNSUPPORTED reporting on array literals inside objects in annotation classes
  • KT-50753 Implement reporting errors on cycles in annotation parameter types
  • KT-50758 Fix inconsistency of exceptions at init block for an enum entry with and without a qualifier name
  • KT-50182 CONST_VAL_NOT_TOP_LEVEL_OR_OBJECT: clarify error message for const in object expression
  • KT-50183 Fix missing apostrophe escapes in compiler error messages
  • KT-50788 FIR: false unsafe call on not-null generic
  • KT-50785 FIR: inconsistent smart cast after comparison with true
  • KT-50858 [FIR LL] FIR in low level mode creates multiple symbols for same declaration
  • KT-50822 Analysis API: make declaration transformers machinery to be a thread safe
  • KT-50972 FIR doesn't report VAL_REASSIGNMENT on synthetic properties
  • KT-50969 FIR: diamond inheritance with different parameter types depends on a supertype order
  • KT-50875 FIR: no smart cast after reassignment with elvis
  • KT-50835 Inline functions with suspend lambdas break the tail-call optimization
  • KT-49485 JVM / IR: StackOverflowError with long when-expression conditions
  • KT-35684 NI: "IllegalStateException: Expected some types" from builder-inference about intersecting empty types on trivial code
  • KT-50776 FIR: ambiguity between Sequence.forEach and Iterable.forEach
  • KT-48908 Error for annotation on parameter type could have distinct ID and message referring 1.6
  • KT-48907 SUPERTYPE_IS_SUSPEND_FUNCTION_TYPE error could have message referring version 1.6
  • KT-50774 FIR2IR: NSEE in case of lambda in enum entry constructor call
  • KT-34338 Parameterless main causes duplicate JVM signature error
  • KT-50577 JVM_IR: No NPE when casting uninitialized value of non-null type to non-null type
  • KT-50476 JVM_IR: NSME when calling 'super.removeAt(Int)' implemented in Java interface as a default method
  • KT-50257 JVM_IR: Incorrect bridge delegate signature for renamed remove(I) causes SOE with Kotlin class inherited from fastutils IntArrayList
  • KT-50470 FIR: inapplicable candidate in delegate inference due to nullability
  • KT-32744 Inefficient compilation of null-safe call (extra null checks, unreachable code)

Docs & Examples

  • KT-52032 Document performance optimizations of the Kotlin/JVM compiler in 1.7.0
  • KT-49424 Update KEEP for OptIn



  • KTIJ-21735 Exception when opening a project
  • KTIJ-17414 UAST: Synthetic enum methods have null return values
  • KTIJ-17444 UAST: Synthetic enum methods are missing nullness annotations
  • KTIJ-19043 UElement#comments is empty for a Kotlin property with a getter
  • KTIJ-10031 IDE fails to suggest a project declaration import if the name clashes with internal declaration with implicit import from stdlib (ex. @Serializable)
  • KTIJ-21515 Load JVM target 1.6 as 1.8 in Maven projects
  • KTIJ-21151 Exception about wrong read access from "Java overriding methods searcher" with Kotlin overrides
  • KTIJ-20736 NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class org.jetbrains.kotlin.idea.roots.KotlinNonJvmOrderEnumerationHandler. Kotlin plugin 1.7 fails to start
  • KT-50111 Resolving into KtUltraLightMethod
  • KTIJ-21063 IDE highlighting: False positive error "Context receivers should be enabled explicitly"
  • KTIJ-20810 NoClassDefFoundError: org/jetbrains/kotlin/idea/util/SafeAnalyzeKt errors in 1.7.0-master-212 kotlin plugin on project open
  • KTIJ-19088 KotlinUFunctionCallExpression.resolve() returns null for calls to @JvmSynthetic functions
  • KTIJ-17869 KotlinUFunctionCallExpression.resolve() returns null for instantiations of local classes with default constructors
  • KTIJ-21061 UObjectLiteralExpression.getExpressionType() returns the base class type for Kotlin object literals instead of the anonymous class type
  • KTIJ-20200 UAST: @Deprecated(level=HIDDEN) constructors are not returning UMethod.isConstructor=true
  • KTIJ-19624 NoDescriptorForDeclarationException on iosTest.kt.vm

IDE. Code Style, Formatting

  • KTIJ-20554 Introduce some code style for definitely non-null types

IDE. Completion

  • KTIJ-14740 Multiplatform declaration actualised in an intermediate source set is shown twice in a completion popup called in the source set

IDE. Debugger

  • KTIJ-20815 MPP Debugger: Evaluation of expect function for the project with intermediate source set may fail with java.lang.NoSuchMethodError

IDE. Decompiler, Indexing, Stubs

  • KTIJ-21472 "java.lang.IllegalStateException: Could not read file" exception on indexing invalid class file
  • KTIJ-20802 Definitely Not-Null types: "UpToDateStubIndexMismatch: PSI and index do not match" plugin error when trying to use library function with T&Any
  • KT-51248 Function and parameter names with special symbols have to backticked


  • KTIJ-20443 FIR IDE: Work in Dumb mode
  • KTIJ-21374 FIR IDE: Incorrect highlighting for operators
  • KTIJ-21013 FIR IDE: Inconsistent smartcasts highlighting
  • KTIJ-21343 FIR IDE: Navigation from explicit invoke call does not work
  • KTIJ-20852 FIR IDE: Exception when checking isInheritor on two classes in different modules
  • KTIJ-21021 FIR IDE: Completion of extension function does not work on nullable receiver
  • KTIJ-20637 FIR IDE: Strange exception while commenting-uncommenting FirReferenceResolveHelper.kt
  • KTIJ-20971 FIR IDE: "Parameter Info" shows parameters of uncallable methods

IDE. Gradle Integration

  • KTIJ-21807 Gradle to IDEA import: language and API version settings are not imported for Native facet
  • KTIJ-21692 Kotlin Import Test maintenance: 1.7.0-Beta
  • KTIJ-20567 Kotlin/JS: Gradle import into IDEA creates no proper sub-modules, source sets, facets

IDE. Hints. Inlay

  • KTIJ-20552 Support definitely non-null types in inlay hints

IDE. Inspections and Intentions

New Features

  • KTIJ-18979 Quickfix for INTEGER_OPERATOR_RESOLVE_WILL_CHANGE to add explicit conversion call
  • KTIJ-19866 Create quick-fix for effective visibility error on private-in-file interface exposing private class
  • KTIJ-19939 Provide quickfix for deprecated confusing expressions in when branches


  • KTIJ-20705 Register quickfix for NO_CONSTRUCTOR_WARNING diagnostic
  • KTIJ-21226 "Remove else branch" quick fix is not suggested
  • KTIJ-20981 Definitely non-null types: quick-fixes suggested incorrectly for LV=1.6 when Xenhance-type-parameter-types-to-def-not-null flag is set
  • KTIJ-20953 Add quickfix for OVERRIDE_DEPRECATION warning to 1.7 - 1.9 migration
  • KTIJ-20734 Replace with [@JvmInline] value quick fix should be appliable on a whole project
  • KTIJ-21420 Add 'else' branch quick fix suggestion is displayed twice in case 'if' isn't completed
  • KTIJ-21192 "Make protected" intention is redundant for interface properties
  • KTIJ-18120 "Make public" intention does not add explicit "public" modifier when using ExplicitApi Strict mode
  • KTIJ-20493 "Create expect" quick fix doesn't warn about platform-specific annotations

IDE. Misc

IDE. Multiplatform

  • KT-49523 Improve environment setup experience for KMM projects
  • KT-50952 MPP: Commonized cinterops doesn't attach/detach to source set on configuration changes

IDE. Native

  • KT-44329 Improve UX of using Native libraries in Kotlin
  • KTIJ-21602 With Native Debugging Support plugin Gradle run configurations can't be executed from IDEA: LLDB_NATVIS_RENDERERS_ENABLED

IDE. Wizards

  • KTIJ-20919 Update ktor-html-builder dependency in kotlin wizards
  • KTIJ-20962 Wizard: Invalid Ktor imports


New Features

  • KT-51735 KJS / IR: Minimize member names in production mode

Performance Improvements

  • KT-51127 Kotlin/JS - IR generates plenty of useless Unit_getInstance()
  • KT-50212 KJS IR: Upcast should be a no-op
  • KT-16974 JS: Kotlin.charArrayOf is suboptimal due to Rhino bugs


  • KT-44319 JS IR BE: Add an ability to generate separate JS files for each module
  • KT-52518 Kotlin/JS IR: project with 1.6.21 fails to consume library built with 1.7.0-RC: ISE "Unexpected IrType kind: KIND_NOT_SET" at IrDeclarationDeserializer.deserializeIrTypeData()
  • KT-52010 K/JS IR: both flows execute when using elvis operator
  • KT-41096 KJS IR: @JsExport should use original js name for external declarations
  • KT-52144 KJS / IR: Missing property definitions for interfaced defined properties
  • KT-52252 KJS / IR: overridden properties are undefined/null
  • KT-51973 KJS / IR overridden properties of inherited interface missing
  • KT-51125 Provide a way to use import keyword in js expressions
  • KT-40888 KJS / IR: Missing methods are no longer generated (polyfills)
  • KT-50504 KJS / IR: Transpiled JS incorrectly uses the unscrambled names of internal fields
  • KT-51853 JS compilation fails with "Uninitialized fast cache info" error
  • KT-51205 K/JS IR: external class is mapped to any
  • KT-50806 Typescript definitions contain invalid nested block comments with generic parent and type argument without @JsExport
  • KT-51841 KJS / IR: No flat hash for FUN FAKE_OVERRIDE with
  • KT-51081 KJS / IR + IC: Passing an inline function with default params as a param to a higher-order function crashes the compiler
  • KT-51084 KJS / IR + IC: Cache invalidation doesn't check generic inline functions reified qualifier
  • KT-51211 K/JS IR: JsExport: Can't export nested enum
  • KT-51438 KJS / IR: Duplicated import names for the same external names
  • KT-51238 Kotlin/JS: IR + IC: build fails after clean on compileTestDevelopmentExecutableKotlinJs task: "Failed to create MD5 hash for file '.../build/classes/kotlin/main' as it does not exist"
  • KT-50674 KJS / IR: JS code cannot modify local variable
  • KT-50953 KJS IR: Incorrect nested commenting in d.ts
  • KT-15223 JS: function that overrides external function with vararg parameter is translated incorrectly
  • KT-50657 KJS / IR 1.6.20-M1-39 - Date in Kotlin JS cannot be created from long.

Language Design

New Features

  • KT-45618 Stabilize builder inference
  • KT-30485 Underscore operator for type arguments
  • KT-49006 Support at least three previous versions of language/API
  • KT-16768 Context-sensitive resolution prototype (Resolve unqualified enum constants based on expected type)
  • KT-14663 Support having a "public" and a "private" type for the same property
  • KT-50477 Functional conversion does not work on suspending functions
  • KT-32162 Allow generics for inline classes


  • KT-12380 Support sealed (exhaustive) whens
  • KT-27750 Reverse reservation of 'yield' as keyword
  • KT-22956 Release OptIn annotations
  • KT-44866 Change behavior of private constructors of sealed classes
  • KT-49110 Prohibit access to members of companion of enum class from initializers of entries of this enum
  • KT-29405 Switch default JVM target version to 1.8


New Features

  • KT-50484 Extensions for java.util.Optional in stdlib
  • KT-50146 Reintroduce min/max(By/With) operations on collections with non-nullable return type
  • KT-46132 Specialized default time source with non-allocating time marks
  • KT-41890 Support named capture groups in Regex on Native
  • KT-48179 Introduce API to retrieve the number of CPUs the runtime has

Performance Improvements

  • KT-42178 Range and Progression should override last()


  • KT-42436 Support java.nio.Path extension in the standard library
  • KT-51470 Stabilize experimental API for 1.7
  • KT-51775 JS: Support named capture groups in Regex
  • KT-51776 Native: Support back references to groups with multi-digit index
  • KT-51082 Introduce Enum.declaringJavaClass property
  • KT-51848 Promote deepRecursiveFunction to stable API
  • KT-48924 KJS: toString in base 36 produces different results in JS compare to JVM
  • KT-50742 Regular expression is fine on jvm but throws PatternSyntaxException for native macosX64 target
  • KT-50059 Stop publishing kotlin-stdlib and kotlin-test artifacts under modular classifier
  • KT-26678 Rename buildSequence/buildIterator to sequence/iterator


  • KT-49406 Kotlin/Native: generate standalone executable for androidNative targets by default
  • KT-48595 Enable Native embeddable compiler jar in Gradle plugin by default
  • KT-51377 Native: synthetic forward declarations are preferred over commonized definitions
  • KT-49145 Kotlin/Native static library compilation fails for androidNative*
  • KT-49496 Gradle (or the KMM plugin) is caching the Xcode Command Line Tools location
  • KT-49247 gradle --offline should translate into airplaneMode for kotin-native compiler

Native. Build Infrastructure

  • KT-52259 kotlin-native releases from GitHub don't contain platform libs

Native. C and ObjC Import

  • KT-49455 Methods from Swift extensions are not resolved in Kotlin shared module
  • KT-50648 Incorrect KMM cinterop conversion

Native. ObjC Export

  • KT-50982 RuntimeAssertFailedPanic in iOS when Kotlin framework is initialized before loading
  • KT-49937 Kotlin/Native 1.5.31: 'runtime assert: Unexpected selector clash' when 'override fun toString(): String' is used

Native. Platforms

  • KT-52232 Kotlin/Native: simplify toolchain dependency override for MinGW

Native. Runtime

  • KT-52365 Kotlin/Native fails to compile projects for 32-bit targets when new memory manager is enabled

Native. Runtime. Memory

  • KT-48537 Kotlin/Native: improve GC triggers in the new MM.
  • KT-50713 Kotlin/Native: Enable Concurrent Sweep GC by default

Native. Stdlib

  • KT-50312 enhancement: kotlin native -- add alloc<TVarOf>(T)

Native. Testing

  • KT-50316 Kotlin/Native: Produce a list of available tests alongside the final artifact
  • KT-50139 Create tests for Enter/Leave frame optimization


  • KT-27598 "KotlinReflectionInternalError" when using callBy on constructor that has inline class parameters
  • KT-31141 IllegalArgumentException when reflectively accessing nullable property of inline class type

Tools. CLI

  • KT-52409 Report error when use-k2 with Multiplatform
  • KT-51717 IllegalArgumentException: Unexpected versionNeededToExtract (0) in 1.6.20-RC2 with useFir enabled
  • KT-52217 Rename 'useFir' to 'useK2'
  • KT-29974 Add a compiler option '-Xjdk-release' similar to javac's '--release' to control the target JDK version
  • KT-51673 Make language version description not in capital letters
  • KT-48833 -Xsuppress-version-warnings allows to suppress errors about unsupported versions
  • KT-51627 kotlinc fails with java.lang.RuntimeException if /tmp/build.txt file exists on the disk
  • KT-51306 Support reading language settings from an environment variable and overriding the current settings by them
  • KT-51093 "-Xopt-in=..." command line argument no longer works

Tools. Commonizer

  • KT-43309 Overwrite return type and parameter types of callable member to succeed commonization
  • KT-52050 [Commonizer] 'platform.posix.DIR' not implementing 'CPointed' when commonized for 'nativeMain' on linux or windows hosts
  • KT-51224 MPP: For optimistically commonized numbers missed kotlinx.cinterop.UnsafeNumber
  • KT-51215 MPP: Update Kdoc description for kotlinx.cinterop.UnsafeNumber
  • KT-51686 Cinterop: Overload resolution ambiguity in 1.6.20-RC2
  • KT-46636 HMPP: missed classes from platform.posix.*
  • KT-51332 Optimistic number commonization is disabled by default in KGP with enabled HMPP

Tools. Compiler Plugins

  • KT-50992 jvm-abi-gen breaks inline functions in inline classes with private constructors in Kotlin 1.6.20

Tools. Daemon

  • KT-32885 KT. Kotlin daemon compilation process is broken: java.lang.IllegalStateException Service is dying at entities generation by Kotlin.kts script

Tools. Gradle

New Features

  • KT-49227 Support Gradle plugins variants
  • KT-50869 Provide API that allow AGP to set up Kotlin compilation
  • KT-48008 Consider offering a KotlinBasePlugin
  • KT-52030 Provide experimental possibility to view internal information about Kotlin Compiler performance

Performance Improvements

  • KT-52141 Optimize Java class snapshotting for the kotlin.incremental.useClasspathSnapshot feature
  • KT-51978 Optimize classpath snapshot cache for the kotlin.incremental.useClasspathSnapshot feature
  • KT-51326 Kotlin-gradle-plugin performance issue with mass java SourceRoots


  • KT-52448 Compilation tasks are missing input/output/internal annotations on includes/excludes properties
  • KT-52239 Type based task configuration-blocks for JVM stopped working in Gradle
  • KT-52313 No recompilation in Gradle after adding or removing function parameters, removing functions (and maybe more) in dependent modules
  • KT-51854 Add Ktor to gradle performance benchmark
  • KT-52086 Rename flag 'use-fir' to 'use-k2'
  • KT-52509 Main variant published to Gradle plugin portal uses unshadowed artifact
  • KT-52392 Gradle: 1.7.0 does not support custom gradle build configuration on Windows OS
  • KT-32805 KotlinCompile inherits properties sourceCompatibility and targetCompatibility which breaks Gradle's incremental compilation
  • KT-52189 Provide Gradle Kotlin/DSL friendly deprecated classpath property in KotlinCompiler task
  • KT-51415 Confusing build failure reason is displayed in case kapt is used and different JDKs are used for compileKotlin and compileJava tasks
  • KT-52187 New IC can not be enabled in an Android project using kapt
  • KT-51898 Upgrading Kotlin/Kotlin Gradle plugin to 1.5.3 and above breaks '' plugin
  • KT-51913 Gradle plugin should not add attributes to the legacy configurations
  • KT-34862 Restoring from build cache breaks Kotlin incremental compilation
  • KT-45777 New IC in Gradle
  • KT-51360 Show performance difference in percent between releases
  • KT-51380 Add open-source project using Kotlin/JS plugin to build regression benchmarks
  • KT-51937 Toolchain usage with configuration cache prevents KotlinCompile task to be UP-TO-DATE
  • KT-48276 Remove kotlin2js and kotlin-dce-plugin
  • KT-52138 KSP could not access internal methods/properties in Kotlin Gradle Plugin
  • KT-51342 Set minimal supported Android Gradle plugin version to 3.6.4
  • KT-50494 Remove kotlin.experimental.coroutines Gradle DSL option
  • KT-49733 Bump minimal supported Gradle version to 6.7.1
  • KT-48831 Remove 'KotlinGradleSubplugin'
  • KT-47924 Remove annoying cast in toolchain extension method for Kotlin DSL
  • KT-46541 Fail Gradle builds when deprecated kotlinOptions.jdkHome is set
  • KT-51830 Gradle: deprecate kotlin.compiler.execution.strategy system property
  • KT-47763 Gradle DSL: Remove deprecated useExperimentalAnnotation and experimentalAnnotationInUse
  • KT-51374 NoSuchFileException in getOrCreateSessionFlagFile()
  • KT-51837 kotlin-gradle-plugin:1.6.20 fails xray scan on shadowed Gson 2.8.6.
  • KT-51454 KotlinJvmTest is not a cacheable task
  • KT-45745 Migrate only Kotlin Gradle Plugin tests to new JUnit5 DSL and run them separately on CI
  • KT-47318 Remove deprecated 'kotlinPluginVersion' property in `KotlinBasePluginWrapper'
  • KT-51378 Gradle 'buildSrc' compilation fails when newer version of Kotlin plugin is added to the build script classpath
  • KT-46038 Gradle: kotlin_module files are corrupted in the KotlinCompile output, and gets cached
  • KT-51064 Kotlin gradle build hangs on MetricsContainer.flush
  • KT-48779 Gradle: Could not connect to kotlin daemon

Tools. Gradle. Cocoapods

  • KT-50622 Cocoapods Plugin: cocoapods-generate does not work correctly with ruby 3.0.0 and higher
  • KT-51861 Custom binary name in CocoaPods plugin isn't respected by fatFramework task

Tools. Gradle. JS

  • KT-52221 Kotlin/JS: failed Node tests are not reported in a standard way
  • KT-51895 K/JS: Redundant technical messages during JS tests
  • KT-51414 Allow set up environment variables for JS tests
  • KT-51623 Kotlin/JS: Mocha could not failed when external module not found
  • KT-51503 Update NPM dependency versions

Tools. Gradle. Multiplatform

New Features

  • KT-51386 [KPM] IdeaKotlinProjectModelBuilder: Implement dependencies


  • KT-49524 Improve DSL for managing Kotlin/Native binary output
  • KT-51765 in multiplatform project without android target should not trigger warning
  • KT-38456 MPP with Android source set: allTests task does not execute Android unit tests
  • KT-44227 Common tests are not launched on local JVM for Android via allTests task in a multiplatform project
  • KT-51946 Temporarily mark HMPP tasks as notCompatibleWithConfigurationCache for Gradle 7.4
  • KT-52140 Support extensibility Kotlin Artifacts DSL by external gradle plugins
  • KT-51947 Mark HMPP tasks as notCompatibleWithConfigurationCache for Gradle 7.4 using Reflection
  • KT-50925 Could not resolve all files for configuration ':metadataCompileClasspath'
  • KT-51262 [KPM] IDEA import: Move model builder to KGP
  • KT-51220 [KPM][Android] Implement generic data storage and import pipeline
  • KT-48649 No run task generated for macosArm64 target in Gradle plugin

Tools. Gradle. Native

  • KT-47746 Allow customization of the Kotlin/Native compiler download url
  • KT-51884 Gradle Native: "A problem occurred starting process 'command 'xcodebuild''" when building assembleFooXCFramework task on Linux

Tools. Incremental Compile

  • KT-51546 FIR incremental compilation fails with assertion "Trying to inline an anonymous object which is not part of the public ABI"
  • KT-49780 IncrementalCompilerRunner bug: Outputs are deleted after successful rebuild following fallback from an exception
  • KT-44741 Incremental compilation: inspectClassesForKotlinIC doesn't determine changes with imported constant

Tools. JPS

  • KTIJ-17280 JPS: don't use as it is not working sometimes
  • KTIJ-20954 NPE at at org.jetbrains.kotlin.metadata.jvm.deserialization.JvmProtoBufUtil.readNameResolver on compiling by JPS with LV > 1.7

Tools. Kapt

  • KT-49533 Make kapt work out of the box with latest JDKs
  • KT-52284 FIR: add error in 1.7.0 branch if run with Kapt
  • KT-51463 KAPT: Incremental compilation not working when rerunning unit tests
  • KT-51132 KAPT: Support reporting the number of generated files by each annotation processor
  • KT-30172 Kapt: Shutdown kotlinc gracefully in case of error in annotation processor

Tools. Scripts

  • KT-49173 Add support for nullable types in provided properties and other configuration-defined declarations
  • KT-52294 [Scripting] Update oudated org.eclipse.aether dependencies to new org.apache.maven.resolver
  • KT-51213 Kotlin JSR223 crashes with "ScriptException: ERROR java.lang.NullPointerException:" if bindings contain one or more null values
  • KT-48812 Script: "IllegalStateException: unknown classifier kind SCRIPT" when passing a function reference to a Flow
  • KT-50902 Scripts loaded from the compilation cache ignore the loadDependencies eval configuration property
  • KT-52186 Scripts: Backend Internal error: Exception during IR lowering when using symbol from a dependency inside a function
  • KT-51731 Script: jsr223 memory leak in spring-boot Fat Jar
  • KT-49258 Scripts: method 'void ()' not found with multiple evals using kotlin script JSR223
  • KT-51346 Scripts: "BackendException: Exception during IR lowering" with variable of imported script inside class

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