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Commits on Oct 6, 2015
  1. @goodwinnk
  2. @ilya-g
  3. @ilya-g
  4. @yole
  5. @yole
  6. @yole
  7. @yole
  8. @yole

    "add operator modifier" fix handles fake overrides

    yole authored
     #KT-9347 Fixed
  9. @yole

    add @suppress to the list of known KDoc tags

    yole authored
     #KT-9415 Fixed
  10. @yole

    handle semicolons in "introduce backing property"

    yole authored
     #KT-9417 Fixed
  11. @pTalanov

    Imports from objects: Do not create new instances on getOriginal ever…

    pTalanov authored
    …y time
    Also fixes a problem where DeclarationLookupObjectImpl didn't have stable hashCode
  12. @pTalanov
  13. @pTalanov

    Allow to import members from object by name

    pTalanov authored
    Wrap object members so they do not require dispatch receiver
    Hack jvm backend to make it work
  14. @pTalanov
  15. @goodwinnk
  16. @goodwinnk
  17. @goodwinnk

    Minor: fix warning about annotation absence

    goodwinnk authored goodwinnk committed
  18. @dnpetrov

    Revert fbf2424:

    dnpetrov authored
    postpone "transparent semantics for spread operator"
    until Java-related design issues are resolved (java.utils.Arrays#asList).
  19. @dnpetrov
  20. @dnpetrov
Commits on Oct 5, 2015
  1. @ilya-g
  2. @ilya-g
  3. @erokhins
  4. @goodwinnk

    Change default visibility icon for declaration with absent modifier t…

    goodwinnk authored goodwinnk committed
    …o public (KT-9411)
     #KT-9411 Fixed
  5. @goodwinnk
  6. @valentinkip

    More correct check for ResolvedCall status everywhere in the IDE + ad…

    valentinkip authored
    …ded assert into ResolvedCallImpl
  7. @valentinkip
  8. @valentinkip
  9. @valentinkip

    Minor correction

    valentinkip authored
  10. @valentinkip

    Better tests

    valentinkip authored
  11. @valentinkip
  12. @valentinkip

    Overrides completion on typing member name too

    valentinkip authored
     #KT-9431 Fixed
  13. @valentinkip
  14. @valentinkip


    valentinkip authored
  15. @valentinkip
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