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Commits on Jul 2, 2015
  1. @erokhins
  2. @erokhins

    Created reset method.

    erokhins authored
  3. @erokhins
  4. @erokhins
  5. @erokhins
  6. @erokhins
  7. @yole

    Merge pull request #712 from zarechenskiy/visitor

    yole authored
    Override all methods from based visitor class
Commits on Jul 1, 2015
  1. @goodwinnk

    Getting decompiled file content through getPsi() doesn't work for loc…

    goodwinnk authored
    …al class files
    Decompiler view providers are created with EmptyFileManager (see ClassFileDecompiler.decompile()). This makes impossible to create psi file for virtual class file in local file system because parent directory is null in SingleRootFileViewProvider.createFile() pre-check.
  2. @ilya-g

    Do not allow using getOrPut on concurrent maps.

    ilya-g authored
    #KT-5800 In Progress
  3. @ilya-g

    Provide getOrSet method for ThreadLocal<T: Any>

    ilya-g authored
    #KT-7927 Fixed
  4. @zarechenskiy
  5. @ilya-g

    Delegates.observable and vetoable inline their lambda parameters into…

    ilya-g authored
    … ObservableProperty implementation.
    ObservableProperty made abstract.
  6. @ilya-g

    Provide another type of callback to the ObservableProperty which is c…

    ilya-g authored
    …alled after the property value has been changed.
    #KT-6866 Fixed
  7. @ilya-g
  8. @geevee
  9. @pTalanov @geevee

    Move CompilationCanceledStatus and related utils to "util" module

    pTalanov authored geevee committed
    It should not be in "frontend" since "jps bare plugin" artifact does not include "frontend" module
  10. @pTalanov
  11. @geevee

    KT-8137 AE at JetSourceNavigationHelper.convertNamedClassOrObject() o…

    geevee authored
    …n function local class with several constructor parameters
     #EA-69470 fixed
  12. @geevee
  13. @mglukhikh
  14. @goodwinnk

    Refactoring: rename file

    goodwinnk authored
  15. @goodwinnk

    Create file must return new file, as old one can be invalidated (KT-8…

    goodwinnk authored
    Invalidation in SingleRootFileViewProvider.getPsiInner()
     #KT-8266 Fixed
Commits on Jun 30, 2015
  1. @mglukhikh
  2. @mglukhikh
  3. @mglukhikh
  4. @pTalanov

    Fix failing test in container test and add it to generators module te…

    pTalanov authored
    …st dependencies
    This should enable running this test on build server
  5. @pTalanov

    Refactor: Remove ScopeProvider, introduce FileScopeProviderImpl

    pTalanov authored
    Rename NoFileScopeProvider -> FileScopeProvider.ThrowException, ScopeProvider.AdditionalScopeProvider -> FileScopeProvider.AdditionalScopes
  6. @yole
  7. @goodwinnk
  8. @goodwinnk
  9. @goodwinnk
  10. @goodwinnk

    Refactoring: create trace inside each resolve task

    goodwinnk authored
    This will allow reuse external cached results with their temp traces
  11. @goodwinnk
  12. @goodwinnk
  13. @goodwinnk

    Minor: suppress warning

    goodwinnk authored
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