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Commits on May 22, 2015
  1. @asedunov

    Find Usages: Use isEquivalentTo() instead of identity equality when m…

    asedunov authored
    …atching references with PsiCompiledElement
  2. @asedunov

    Java Resolver: Substitute original element when resolving PsiMethod t…

    asedunov authored
    …o FunctionDescriptor
     #KT-7353 Fixed
  3. @mglukhikh

    Implementation of KT-6399: platform types under when are now counted …

    mglukhikh authored
    …as not nullable but warning is generated. #KT-6399 Fixed.
    A set of tests. Warning about Java enum nullable argument under when in particular situations.
  4. @ilya-g

    Rename files to avoid having identically named files in the same pack…

    ilya-g authored
    …age, which sometimes may confuse debugger.
  5. @geevee

    Don't ask user to choose method for renaming parameter when it is cha…

    geevee authored
    …nged in overridden function.
  6. @geevee

    KT-6285 Rename refactoring doesn't rename named arguments when rename…

    geevee authored
    … function parameters or private val/var constructor parameters
    Just added test. Works automatically since rename parameter now delegates to change signature.
     #KT-6285 fixed
  7. @geevee
  8. @geevee
  9. @ilya-g
  10. @ilya-g
  11. @ilya-g
  12. @geevee
  13. @geevee

    KT-7730 Find Usages causes 100% CPU usage, UI blocked, never returned

    geevee authored
    KT-7623 Renaming val constructor parameter of a data class is very slow
     #KT-7730 fixed
     #KT-7730 fixed
  14. @mglukhikh
  15. @NataliaUkhorskaya
Commits on May 21, 2015
  1. @ilya-g
  2. @asedunov
  3. @asedunov

    Inspections: Create single diagnostic for inspections based on multip…

    asedunov authored
    …le intentions
     #KT-7784 Fixed
  4. @asedunov

    Introduce...: Allow semicolon extraction

    asedunov authored
     #KT-7583 Fixed
  5. @asedunov
  6. @NataliaUkhorskaya
  7. @NataliaUkhorskaya
  8. @NataliaUkhorskaya
  9. @NataliaUkhorskaya
  10. @NataliaUkhorskaya
  11. @NataliaUkhorskaya
  12. @NataliaUkhorskaya
  13. @ilya-g

    Ensure stable order is used when rendering list of resolved calls by …

    ilya-g authored
    …sorting them with MemberComparator.
  14. @bashor

    Fix SlicedMapImpl#clear

    bashor authored
  15. @bashor
  16. @bashor

    Introduce KeyWithSlice and use it as Key for UserDataHolder in Sliced…

    bashor authored
    …Map instead of cashing mapping from key to slice(see SlicedMapImpl#keyIdToSlice)
  17. @bashor

    Optimize memory usage in SlicedMapImpl (used in BindingContext)

    bashor authored
    In short:
    before these changes: Map<SlicedMapKey<slice, key>, value>
    after: Map<key, Map<slice, value>> // where for nested Map used lightweight storage UserDataHolder
    Before these changes it stored map from SlicedMapKey to value.
    Where SlicedMapKey created for each record and store slice and key.
    And now it sored map from key to UserDataHolder.
    UserDataHolder store map from slice to value.
  18. @bashor
  19. @yanex
  20. @yanex
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