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Commits on May 3, 2016
  1. @max-kammerer

    Update android test dependency to android 4.4.2 cause of missed test …

    max-kammerer committed May 2, 2016
    …result problem on 4.1.2
Commits on Apr 29, 2016
  1. @ilya-g

    Handle special cases of drop, take, takeLast when it is known in adva…

    ilya-g committed Apr 27, 2016
    …nce that the result is a single-item list. #KT-9990
  2. @ilya-g

    Change evaluation test data not to encounter special implementation o…

    ilya-g committed Apr 23, 2016
    …f single element list.
  3. @ilya-g

    Optimize operations to return special collection implementations when…

    ilya-g committed Apr 22, 2016
    … result is empty or has single element.
  4. @ilya-g

    Remove runtime specialization in inline last and lastOrNull to preven…

    ilya-g committed Apr 22, 2016
    …t double inlining of predicate body.
  5. @ilya-g

    Do not use indexed access for lists not supporting RandomAccess

    ilya-g committed Apr 22, 2016
    Add RandomAccess specialization.
  6. @ilya-g

    Use list iterators instead of indexed access in operations on lists t…

    ilya-g committed Feb 11, 2016
    …aking a lambda.
    Related to #KT-9607
  7. @goodwinnk

    Do not request write action for MoveDeclarationToSeparateFileIntentio…

    goodwinnk committed Apr 29, 2016
    …n (EA-81511)
    There's nothing but delegation to move refactoring. This started to fail in br146 because of this commit:
  8. @goodwinnk

    Revert another class of ComparisonFailure

    goodwinnk committed Apr 29, 2016
    Idea throws this class but not org.junit.ComparisonFailure
  9. @goodwinnk

    Fix path replacement in reference tests

    goodwinnk committed Apr 29, 2016
    The commit fixes ReferenceResolveInJavaTestGenerated$BinaryAndSource.testFileFacade.
  10. @max-kammerer
  11. @max-kammerer
  12. @bashor

    Fix NoSuchMethodError when try to access in test to internal member f…

    bashor committed Apr 28, 2016
    …rom production for gradle projects imported into IDEA 16 or higher
     #KT-11993 Fixed
  13. @valentinkip

    Minor changes on code review

    valentinkip committed Apr 29, 2016
  14. @valentinkip
  15. @valentinkip
  16. @valentinkip

    KT-12039 Convert Java to Kotlin -- static imports are imported as Cla…

    valentinkip committed Apr 28, 2016
    …ss.CONST (missing .Companion)
     #KT-12039 Fixed
  17. @valentinkip

    Minor simplification

    valentinkip committed Apr 28, 2016
  18. @valentinkip
  19. @valentinkip
  20. @valentinkip

    Extracted methods

    valentinkip committed Apr 27, 2016
  21. @valentinkip
  22. @valentinkip


    valentinkip committed Apr 27, 2016
  23. @valentinkip

    Deleted inspection profile

    valentinkip committed Apr 29, 2016
  24. @udalov

    Update ChangeLog for 1.0.2

    udalov committed Apr 29, 2016
  25. @udalov
  26. @udalov
  27. @udalov

    Combine Java package scope and Kotlin scopes in JvmPackageScope

    udalov committed Apr 26, 2016
    Use it in LazyJavaPackageFragment#scope instead of a weird lazy chained scope.
    Also move lookup tracker records to it, to prevent them from being written in
    each package scope individually (this was hurting performance)
  28. @udalov

    Optimize class lookups in DeserializedPackageMemberScope

    udalov committed Apr 26, 2016
    Do not try to load classes (and litter in ClassDeserializer#classes cache with
    unsuccessful requests) which the deserialized scope knows nothing about. This
    is possible because deserialized scopes have the full list of their class names
  29. @dzharkov

    Add MutableMap.remove(K, V) as built-in declaration

    dzharkov committed Apr 28, 2016
    Use PlatformDependent annotation to guarantee it's only be available for JDK8
    Also adjust type-safe bridges and mutable collection stubs generation
  30. @dzharkov

    Use signatures instead of fq-names in special built-ins

    dzharkov committed Apr 27, 2016
    It's necessary to distinguish overloads,
    e.g. MutableMap.remove now has two versions
  31. @cypressious @yole

    Implement Intention to add @JvmOverloads (#860)

    cypressious committed with yole Apr 29, 2016
    Implement Intention to add @JvmOverloads
    Fixes #KT-11523
  32. @cypressious @yole
  33. @cypressious @yole


    cypressious committed with yole Apr 29, 2016
    Fixes #KT-11876
    * Revert accidental change
    * Remove period
    * ConvertExtensionToFunctionTypeFix: more tests
  34. @valentinkip
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