Commits on Jan 21, 2017
  1. Create deprecated MutableList.sort extensions to guide how to replace…

    … them.
    #KT-15790 Fixed
    ilya-g committed Jan 18, 2017
Commits on Jan 20, 2017
  1. Exhaustive when on sealed trees implemented #KT-13130 Fixed

    Also #KT-13227 Fixed
    mglukhikh committed Jan 18, 2017
Commits on Jan 19, 2017
  1. Minor: add two cases for Map.getOrDefault test

    Relates to #KT-15610
    ilya-g committed Jan 17, 2017
  2. Fix the problem with ConvertPrimaryConstructorToSecondaryIntention fo…

    …r enum #KT-15406 Fixed
    shiraji committed with mglukhikh Jan 12, 2017
  3. JS: fix translation of references to external nested classes in files…

    … marked with `@JsModule`. See KT-15797
    konsoletyper committed Jan 19, 2017
  4. KT-13355

    An overridden abstract member with a more specific "return type" than an overridden concrete member
    should be explicitly overridden even if the class in question can have abstract members.
    dnpetrov committed Jan 18, 2017
  5. OverrideResolver: .java -> .kt

    dnpetrov committed Jan 18, 2017
  6. Fix 1.0-compatibility mode for JDK dependendent built-ins

    Do not report UNSUPPORTED_FEATURE if there is no overridden descriptors
    E.g. in case of property accessors
    dzharkov committed Jan 19, 2017
  7. JS: insert dummy initializers for property that initialized on `init`…

    … block or in secondary constructors. See KT-8211
    konsoletyper committed Jan 17, 2017
  8. JS: prohibit `dynamic` values as handlers of property delegates. Proh…

    …ibit delegation of classes by dynamic values. See KT-15283
    konsoletyper committed Dec 26, 2016
  9. JS: prohibit spread operator and destructuring declaration in `dynami…

    …c` values. See KT-15283
    konsoletyper committed Dec 26, 2016
  10. Proper generate interval for catch block variable; Fix for KT-15646: …

    …InconsistentDebugInfoException when stepping over `throw`
     #KT-15646 Fixed
    max-kammerer committed Jan 18, 2017
  11. Fix false positive "Null can not be a value of a non-null type"

    Inferred type of receiver of orElse  is Optional<T & Any>
    Generic descriptor is orElse(E!): E!
    Substituted descriptor is orElse(T): T , and that is the problem.
    Seems that E!  => (T & Any)!  gets expanded to just T  or T & Any , however it should be expanded to
    (T & Any) .. (T & Any)?  => T & Any .. T & Any
    T & Any is NotNullTypeParameter(T)
    The problem is that (T & Any)?  is expanded to T & Any,
    that is seems to be wrong.
     #KT-15236 Fixed
    dzharkov committed Jan 18, 2017
  12. Refine 1.0-compatibility mode for JDK dependent members

    - calls must be prohibited iff they refer to some additonal built in member
    - override must be prohibited iff all of the overridden descriptors are additional
    Other usages were able to be successfully compiled by 1.0.x
    Solution with @Deprecated(level=Error) doesn't work properly, because
    deprecation propagates to overridden, thus call 'java.util.ArrayList<String>().stream()'
    becomes invalid, while it was correct in 1.0.x
     #KT-15794 Fixed
    dzharkov committed Jan 18, 2017
  13. KT-15677 KT-15775

    Update parser & descriptor renderer to handle parenthesized types and function types properly.
    Resolve annotations in parenthesized types.
    AnnotationsImpl.isEmpty() returned false for targeted annotations only
    (e.g., 'fun @receiver:Ann C?.foo()').
    Properly keep track of targeted annotations.
    dnpetrov committed Jan 13, 2017
Commits on Jan 18, 2017
  1. Fix typo

    lukaszwojtow committed with tsvtkv Dec 25, 2016
  2. Data flow information: stable complex expressions introduced back for…

    … brackets / elvis / if / when #KT-13468 Fixed
    This reverts commit e515d7f and
    also commit 1c9f08e
    (cherry picked from commit 9fa155b)
    mglukhikh committed with mglukhikh Jan 18, 2017
  3. Tests for KT-13468 / KT-13765

    (cherry picked from commit 2e4c0b4)
    mglukhikh committed with mglukhikh Jan 18, 2017
  4. Stop using idea isNullOrEmpty function (KT-15786)

     #KT-15786 Fixed
    goodwinnk committed with goodwinnk Jan 18, 2017

    It was only reported in already erroneous cases
    udalov committed Jan 16, 2017