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Commits on Apr 18, 2015
  1. @max-kammerer

    Test for KT-5969: Codegen overrides all java 8 default methods with d…

    max-kammerer authored
    …elegation to unexisting Timpl
     #KT-5969 Fixed
  2. @max-kammerer
  3. @max-kammerer
  4. @max-kammerer
Commits on Apr 17, 2015
  1. @bintree
  2. @bintree
  3. @bintree
  4. @bintree

    Minor, split and clean tests

    bintree authored
    Tests that are using javaClass supposed to be deleted soon
    while other ones just check that annotation loaded correctly
    and shold use class literals
  5. @asedunov
  6. @asedunov

    Introduce Parameter: Do not remove unused parameters if new parameter…

    asedunov authored
    … is extracted with default value
  7. @asedunov
  8. @asedunov
  9. @asedunov

    Usages Search: Introduce extension for usages of methods overriding K…

    asedunov authored
    …otlin functions/properties
  10. @max-kammerer
  11. @max-kammerer

    Fix for KT-6895: Compile error on Android (EXCEPTION FROM SIMULATION)…

    max-kammerer authored
    … when declaring locals in an inline function
     #KT-6895 Fixed
  12. @max-kammerer
  13. @max-kammerer


    max-kammerer authored
  14. @max-kammerer
  15. @max-kammerer
  16. @asedunov
  17. @asedunov
  18. @mglukhikh

    Build fix. The second version of DataFlowInfo.getPossibleTypes return…

    mglukhikh authored
    …ing also the original type added and used.
Commits on Apr 16, 2015
  1. @valentinkip
  2. @valentinkip
  3. @valentinkip
  4. @valentinkip
  5. @valentinkip
  6. @valentinkip
  7. @valentinkip
  8. @valentinkip
  9. @valentinkip

    Renamed in test data

    valentinkip authored
  10. @valentinkip
  11. @valentinkip
  12. @valentinkip
  13. @valentinkip
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