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Commits on Nov 29, 2015
  1. @udalov
  2. @ilya-g
  3. @ilya-g
  4. @ilya-g
Commits on Nov 28, 2015
  1. @goodwinnk
  2. @ilya-g

    Fix contains usages in compiler.

    ilya-g committed
  3. @ilya-g

    Replacement upcasts parameter to the most specific supertype in case …

    ilya-g committed
    …of contains, indexOf, lastIndexOf, remove, get, containsKey, containsValue.
  4. @ilya-g
  5. @ilya-g
  6. @ilya-g

    Apply @OnlyInputTypes on type parameter for contains, indexOf, lastIn…

    ilya-g committed
    …dexOf extensions for Iterables, Sequences and Arrays instead of @NoInfer on element parameter.
    Provide covariant extensions annotated with @OnlyInputTypes:
     - Collection<T>: containsAll(Collection<T>),
     - MutableCollection<out T>: remove(T), removeAll, retainAll (Collection<T>),
     - List<T>: indexOf(T), lastIndexOf(T)
     - Map<out K, V>: get(K), containsKey(K), contains(K)
     - Map<K, V>: containsValue(V)
     - MutableMap<out K, V>: remove(K)
    All *Raw extensions are deprecated.
Commits on Nov 27, 2015
  1. @udalov

    Minor, improve assertion message

    udalov committed
  2. @udalov
  3. @udalov
  4. @udalov

    Remove obsolete FallbackPaths

    udalov committed
  5. @udalov

    Minor, rename dangerous getInternalName(), remove unused

    udalov committed
    FQ name can only be converted to an internal name correctly if it represents a
    top-level class
  6. @udalov
  7. @udalov
  8. @udalov
  9. @udalov
  10. @udalov
  11. @udalov
  12. @udalov
  13. @udalov
  14. @udalov
  15. @udalov
  16. @ligee
  17. @ligee
  18. @ligee
  19. @ligee
  20. @ligee

    fixes after review

    ligee committed
  21. @ligee

    fixing tests

    ligee committed
  22. @ligee

    Passing a log file name in logger-compatible format on Windows in tes…

    ligee committed
    …ts, fixes problems with daemon tests on Windows
  23. @ligee

    Some basic daemon lifetime tests

    ligee committed
  24. @ligee

    implementing equals and hashCode for CallResult classes, making get p…

    ligee committed
    …olymorphic via virtual method
  25. @ligee
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