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tag: build-0.4.459
Commits on Jan 28, 2013
  1. @udalov

    Fix Android tests

    udalov authored
  2. @geevee
  3. @geevee

    Reverted some copyrights.

    geevee authored
  4. @geevee

    Happy new year 2013!

    geevee authored
  5. @geevee
  6. @geevee
  7. @udalov

    Generate black box with java codegen tests

    udalov authored udalov committed
  8. @udalov

    Remove generated black box java codegen test

    udalov authored udalov committed
    Move all testData to boxWithJava/
  9. @udalov

    Remove codegen tests with Java, move testData to boxWithJava/

    udalov authored udalov committed
    There'll be a single generated test class like
  10. @udalov

    Extract some codegen tests to black box testData

    udalov authored udalov committed
  11. @udalov

    Generate black box codegen tests

    udalov authored udalov committed
  12. @udalov

    Fix failing tests, copy testData

    udalov authored udalov committed
    Some tests were using files that others called blackBoxFile() on. Since
    those files are now moved to box/, copy them back to make the tests pass
  13. @udalov

    Remove generated codegen tests, move all testData to box/

    udalov authored udalov committed
    A single test file will be generated out of box/ directory
  14. @udalov

    Move blackBoxFile() testData to box/ directory

    udalov authored udalov committed
    Delete all test methods (and empty test classes), since they'll be
  15. @udalov

    NamespaceGenTest doesn't require stdlib

    udalov authored udalov committed
  16. @udalov

    Extract static functions to CodegenTestUtil

    udalov authored udalov committed
    Add Nullable/NotNull annotations
  17. @udalov

    Extract classPathInTheSameClassLoader into a separate test

    udalov authored udalov committed
    - class loader is now always created as if classPathInTheSameClassLoader
      = false, which was the case of every codegen test except kt2781, which
      is extracted into a separate file
    - testNoClassObjectForJavaClass() is moved from StdlibTest since it has
      a custom createClassLoader() which doesn't work well in a java-interop
    - get rid of generateClassesInFileGetState
    - several similar methods are inlined
Commits on Jan 25, 2013
  1. @udalov
  2. @udalov

    Refactor CodegenTestCase

    udalov authored
    - prohibit main(Array<String>) in favor of box(): String
    - move all script-related code to ScriptGenTest
    - remove unused environment-creating methods
    - inline trivial methods & other minor stuff
  3. @udalov

    Sort out blackBox*() methods

    udalov authored
    - get rid of blackBox(), extract tests into files
    - delete single-file usages of blackBoxMultiFile()
    - inline some other blackBox methods
    - suppress exception in blackBoxWithJava()
  4. @udalov
  5. @abreslav
  6. @abreslav

    Subscribe for exitDumbMode() to update notifications

    abreslav authored
    Instead of scheduling runWhenSmart(), which does not work sometimes
  7. @abreslav

    Class renamed

    abreslav authored
  8. @abreslav
  9. @abreslav
  10. @abreslav
  11. @abreslav
  12. @abreslav
  13. @abreslav
  14. @abreslav

    Assertion message

    abreslav authored
  15. @abreslav

    Handle non-existent files

    abreslav authored
  16. @abreslav

    Assert message

    abreslav authored
  17. @abreslav
  18. @abreslav

    AbiVersionIndex added

    abreslav authored
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