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tag: build-0.4.487
Commits on Jan 31, 2013
  1. @udalov

    Introduce fake light class for file of package

    udalov authored
    Fixes problems related to not working breakpoints (see comment at the top of
    the class)
     #KT-3291 Fixed
  2. @abreslav
  3. @abreslav
  4. @abreslav
  5. @abreslav
  6. @abreslav
  7. @abreslav
  8. @abreslav

    Methods extracted

    abreslav authored
  9. @ponomandr @geevee

    KT-2734 Wrong icon for enums in the Find class dialog

    ponomandr authored geevee committed
    #KT-2734 Fixed
  10. @ponomandr @geevee

    KT-2153 Enum classes don't have a "K" overlay on the icon in project …

    ponomandr authored geevee committed
    #KT-2153 Fixed
Commits on Jan 30, 2013
  1. @svtk

    KT-3301 Inference with several supertypes fails

    svtk authored
     #KT-3301 fixed
  2. @goodwinnk

    Merge pull request #168 from ponomandr/KT-3250

    goodwinnk authored
    KT-3250 Copyright plugin does not work on Kotlin sources
  3. @geevee
  4. @geevee
  5. @geevee
  6. @geevee
  7. @geevee
  8. @geevee
  9. @abreslav
  10. @abreslav
  11. @abreslav
  12. @abreslav
  13. @abreslav

    Using project and search scope for stub-based declaration providers

    abreslav authored
    + using indices for getAllPackages and isPackageDeclared()
  14. @abreslav

    Unused abstraction removed

    abreslav authored
  15. @abreslav

    Unused class removed

    abreslav authored
  16. @abreslav

    Commented code removed

    abreslav authored
  17. @abreslav

    Storage manager introduced

    abreslav authored
    Will be used to make lazily computed data thread-safe
  18. @abreslav
  19. @abreslav

    EA-43240 - AIOOBE: ClassReader.a

    abreslav authored
    Index out of bounds from ASM
  20. @abreslav

    EA-43239 - assert: JavaFileManagerBase.findClass

    abreslav authored
    Moved the check to a post-startup activity
  21. @abreslav

    EA-41207 - IAE: NameUtils.requireIdentifier

    abreslav authored
    Test data files renamed
  22. @abreslav
Commits on Jan 29, 2013
  1. @geevee
  2. @geevee

    Adapted usage of failsWith().

    geevee authored
  3. @geevee
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