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tag: build-0.5.19

Feb 05, 2013

  1. Alexander Udalov

    Add CodegenUtil.isNullableType(), fix assertions

    JetType.isNullable() is not accurate when the type denotes a type parameter:
    a parameter can be not null (isNullable=false), but its upper bound can be
    nullable (<T: Any?>), so null may appear in the value of such type. Therefore
    it's preferred to use a special check (isNullableType()) in codegen from now on
    Do not generate assertion for parameters of not-null types which have a
    nullable upper bound + the same with Java method calls
    Also fix Intrinsics class internal name in tests
     #KT-3313 Fixed
    udalov authored
  2. lopekpl


    It renames method parameter to match the name from the overriden method.
    lopekpl authored abreslav committed
  3. Andrey Breslav

    Optimize super-interfaces

    abreslav authored
  4. Andrey Breslav

    Extract interface: PropertySetterDescriptor

    abreslav authored
  5. Andrey Breslav

    Extract interface: PropertyGetterDescriptor

    abreslav authored
  6. Andrey Breslav

    Extract interface: PropertyAccessorDescriptor

    abreslav authored
  7. Added quickfix for REDUNDANT_NULLABLE.

    univerio authored abreslav committed
  8. Added quickfix for USELESS_SIMPLE_IMPORT.

    univerio authored abreslav committed
  9. lopekpl

    Not including empty testcases in suite.

    That was sometimes resulting with IDE displaying incorrect number of tests in single run.
    lopekpl authored abreslav committed
  10. lopekpl

    Adding 'Add open modifier to supertype' fix for FINAL_SUPERTYPE error.

    lopekpl authored abreslav committed
  11. lopekpl

    Create 'refreshPath' utility function in LocalFileSystemUtils class.

    lopekpl authored abreslav committed
  12. Alexander Udalov

    Fix assertions generation for substituted members

    udalov authored
  13. Natalia Ukhorskaya

    Build jar for j2kConverter

    NataliaUkhorskaya authored

Feb 04, 2013

  1. Andrey Breslav

    @NotNull for parameter of substitute()

    abreslav authored
  2. Andrey Breslav

    Extract PropertyDescriptor interface

    abreslav authored
  3. max-kammerer

    Fixed error on running kotlin-maven-plugin tests

    max-kammerer authored
  4. Maxim Shafirov

    Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'

    shafirov authored
  5. Maxim Shafirov

    KT-3192 Drop kotlin.nullable package

    #KT-3192 Fixed
    shafirov authored
  6. Evgeny Gerashchenko

    Reverted proguard in build.

    geevee authored
  7. Alexander Udalov

    Turn on generating not-null assertions by default

    When compiling from IDE
    udalov authored
  8. Evgeny Gerashchenko

    Added assert message.

    geevee authored
  9. Evgeny Gerashchenko

    Regenerated injectors.

    geevee authored
  10. Evgeny Gerashchenko

    Removed redundant 'out' in MutableMap.putAll

    geevee authored
  11. Evgeny Gerashchenko

    Removed resources jar from classpath. It is redundant.

    geevee authored
  12. Evgeny Gerashchenko


    geevee authored
  13. Evgeny Gerashchenko

    EA-39239 - assert: ConfigureKotlinLibraryNotificationProvider.addJdkA…

    geevee authored
  14. Evgeny Gerashchenko

    Minor. Extracted method.

    geevee authored
  15. Evgeny Gerashchenko

    Minor. Simpler code.

    geevee authored
  16. Evgeny Gerashchenko

    Fixed errors in alternative signatures.

    geevee authored
  17. Evgeny Gerashchenko

    Checking redundant projections in jdk annotations.

    geevee authored
  18. Evgeny Gerashchenko

    Checking redundant/conflicting projection kind in alt signatures.

    geevee authored
  19. Andrey Breslav

    Update to IDEA 12.0.3

    abreslav authored
  20. Andrey Breslav

    Enable parameter assertions in BytecodeToolwindow

    abreslav authored
  21. Alexander Udalov

    Fix codegen of do-while condition

    The condition of a do-while loop can use variables declared in the loop
    (variables can only be declared inside a block). Previously this behaviour
    caused crash because after the block was generated, all variables declared
    inside that block were gone from myFrameMap
     #KT-3280 Fixed
    udalov authored
  22. Alexander Udalov

    Make the exception message in JvmClassName helpful

    udalov authored
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