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Tag: build-0.5.281
Commits on Mar 18, 2013
  1. @shalupov

    fix maven build

    shalupov authored
  2. @shalupov @abreslav
  3. @shalupov @abreslav

    fix NPE with logger, delete extracted annotations

    shalupov authored abreslav committed
  4. @abreslav

    Fixes after review

    abreslav authored
  5. @shalupov @abreslav

    gradle-api deploy helpers

    shalupov authored abreslav committed
  6. @nskvortsov @abreslav

    prepare pull request

    nskvortsov authored abreslav committed
  7. @nskvortsov @abreslav

    initial stubs

    nskvortsov authored abreslav committed
  8. @udalov

    Add regression test for KT-3413

    udalov authored
Commits on Mar 15, 2013
  1. @udalov
  2. @udalov

    Fix mapGetterSignature/mapSetterSignature

    udalov authored
    In case of TRAIT_IMPL the incorrect this was written. Reuse the code from the
    common mapSignature
     #KT-3413 Fixed
  3. @udalov

    Minor refactoring of TImpl codegen

    udalov authored
    jvmSignature.getAsmMethod() and functionOriginal are supposed to be the same
    entity, so move jvmSignature out of the way to where it's needed
  4. @udalov
  5. @udalov

    Minor refactoring of TImpl codegen

    udalov authored
    Use early returns, rename some variables, etc
  6. @udalov

    Minor refactoring of TImpl codegen

    udalov authored
    Extract some methods
  7. @udalov

    Resolve static methods of enum in front-end

    udalov authored
    Up to this point, front-end did not suspect that there could be classes which
    have both a class object and a package for static members. Since this became
    possible for enums loaded from Java binaries (enum entries and valueOf()/
    values() are placed into the class object, and every other static member into
    the package), we adjust the corresponding scope to also include members from
    the corresponding package
     #KT-2990 Fixed
  8. @udalov

    Resolve static enum members from compiled Java

    udalov authored
    For static members, a corresponding package is now created for every enum, as
    it's done for every other class. All static members of enum classes are
    resolved into the package, EXCEPT its enum entries, valueOf() and values()
    methods, which are put into the enum's class descriptor.
  9. @udalov

    Fix broken isEnumClassObject methods

    udalov authored
    Out of three methods, two were incorrect
  10. @NataliaUkhorskaya
  11. @NataliaUkhorskaya
  12. @NataliaUkhorskaya
  13. @NataliaUkhorskaya
  14. @NataliaUkhorskaya
  15. @NataliaUkhorskaya
Commits on Mar 14, 2013
  1. @geevee

    Removed isVar field & constructor parameter from ValueParameterDescri…

    geevee authored
    …ptorImpl, since it's always false.
  2. @geevee
  3. @geevee
  4. @geevee
  5. @geevee
  6. @geevee
  7. @geevee
  8. @geevee

    Test for KT-2017 Cannot sort list with no comparator

    geevee authored
     #KT-2017 obsolete
  9. @goodwinnk
  10. @goodwinnk
  11. @goodwinnk
  12. @goodwinnk
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