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Commits on Mar 19, 2013
  1. @shalupov

    fix maven deploy

    shalupov committed
  2. @svtk


    svtk committed
    (simplified recordReferenceForInvokeFunction, isExpressionWithValidReference)
  3. @svtk

    removed TypeInfoForCall

    svtk committed
  4. @svtk

    complete analysis for call expressions inside nested qualified expres…

    svtk committed
    todo: other expressions
  5. @svtk
  6. @svtk

    added 'INVOKE' CallType

    svtk committed
  7. @svtk

    refactoring: do not create extra anonymous class

    svtk committed
    for CallForImplicitInvoke case
  8. @svtk

    cache deferred computation for call in 'cacheResults'

    svtk committed
    (not separately)
  9. @svtk

    added ResolutionResultsCache

    svtk committed
    all resolution results are written to it instead of trace
  10. @svtk

    KT-3395 mapOf function can't be used as literal

    svtk committed
     #KT-3395 Fixed
  11. @bashor
  12. @bashor
  13. @abreslav
  14. @abreslav
  15. @abreslav
  16. @abreslav
  17. @abreslav
  18. @NataliaUkhorskaya

    Optimize imports when insert new import (optimize imports on the fly …

    NataliaUkhorskaya committed
    …should be turned on)
     #KT-3403 Fixed
  19. @NataliaUkhorskaya

    Rename method

    NataliaUkhorskaya committed
  20. @NataliaUkhorskaya
Commits on Mar 18, 2013
  1. @shalupov

    fix maven build

    shalupov committed
  2. @shalupov @abreslav
  3. @shalupov @abreslav
  4. @abreslav

    Fixes after review

    abreslav committed
  5. @shalupov @abreslav

    gradle-api deploy helpers

    shalupov committed with abreslav
  6. @nskvortsov @abreslav

    prepare pull request

    nskvortsov committed with abreslav
  7. @nskvortsov @abreslav

    initial stubs

    nskvortsov committed with abreslav
  8. @udalov

    Add regression test for KT-3413

    udalov committed
Commits on Mar 15, 2013
  1. @udalov
  2. @udalov

    Fix mapGetterSignature/mapSetterSignature

    udalov committed
    In case of TRAIT_IMPL the incorrect this was written. Reuse the code from the
    common mapSignature
     #KT-3413 Fixed
  3. @udalov

    Minor refactoring of TImpl codegen

    udalov committed
    jvmSignature.getAsmMethod() and functionOriginal are supposed to be the same
    entity, so move jvmSignature out of the way to where it's needed
  4. @udalov
  5. @udalov

    Minor refactoring of TImpl codegen

    udalov committed
    Use early returns, rename some variables, etc
  6. @udalov

    Minor refactoring of TImpl codegen

    udalov committed
    Extract some methods
  7. @udalov

    Resolve static methods of enum in front-end

    udalov committed
    Up to this point, front-end did not suspect that there could be classes which
    have both a class object and a package for static members. Since this became
    possible for enums loaded from Java binaries (enum entries and valueOf()/
    values() are placed into the class object, and every other static member into
    the package), we adjust the corresponding scope to also include members from
    the corresponding package
     #KT-2990 Fixed
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