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tag: build-0.5.311
Commits on Mar 20, 2013
  1. @max-kammerer
  2. @max-kammerer

    Jet api refactoring: remove JetBodyDeclarationWithBody interface from…

    max-kammerer authored
    … JetFunctionLiteralExpression
  3. @max-kammerer
  4. @max-kammerer
  5. @max-kammerer

    Test update after "Refactoring: code duplication removed from accesso…

    max-kammerer authored
    …r generators" and "Properly resolve descriptors from compiled kotlin" fixes
  6. @max-kammerer
  7. @max-kammerer

    Properly resolve descriptors from compiled kotlin

    max-kammerer authored
    Added protected flag for annotation
  8. @max-kammerer
  9. @goodwinnk
  10. @goodwinnk

    Fix bug when notification doesn't disappear after setting module as java

    goodwinnk authored
    Stop caching value on ProjectRootModificationTracker because marker classes will be visible only after indexing is finished
  11. @goodwinnk
  12. @goodwinnk
  13. @goodwinnk
  14. @goodwinnk
  15. @goodwinnk
  16. @svtk

    small refactoring in 'cacheResults' method

    svtk authored
    do not create DelegatingBindingTrace if callKey is null
  17. @svtk
  18. @svtk
  19. @svtk
Commits on Mar 19, 2013
  1. @shalupov

    fix maven deploy

    shalupov authored
  2. @svtk


    svtk authored
    (simplified recordReferenceForInvokeFunction, isExpressionWithValidReference)
  3. @svtk

    removed TypeInfoForCall

    svtk authored
  4. @svtk

    complete analysis for call expressions inside nested qualified expres…

    svtk authored
    todo: other expressions
  5. @svtk
  6. @svtk

    added 'INVOKE' CallType

    svtk authored
  7. @svtk

    refactoring: do not create extra anonymous class

    svtk authored
    for CallForImplicitInvoke case
  8. @svtk

    cache deferred computation for call in 'cacheResults'

    svtk authored
    (not separately)
  9. @svtk

    added ResolutionResultsCache

    svtk authored
    all resolution results are written to it instead of trace
  10. @svtk

    KT-3395 mapOf function can't be used as literal

    svtk authored
     #KT-3395 Fixed
  11. @bashor
  12. @bashor
  13. @abreslav
  14. @abreslav
  15. @abreslav
  16. @abreslav
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