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Commits on Feb 7, 2013
  1. @goodwinnk

    Resort annotation files

    goodwinnk committed
  2. @goodwinnk
  3. @abreslav
  4. @NataliaUkhorskaya
  5. @NataliaUkhorskaya
Commits on Feb 6, 2013
  1. @NataliaUkhorskaya
  2. @NataliaUkhorskaya
  3. @NataliaUkhorskaya
  4. @NataliaUkhorskaya
  5. @NataliaUkhorskaya
  6. @NataliaUkhorskaya
  7. @NataliaUkhorskaya
  8. @udalov
  9. @udalov
  10. @udalov
  11. @udalov
  12. @udalov

    Fix generic data class hashCode for null

    udalov committed
    Null may come from everywhere, so we always check for it (when the property's
    type is not primitive)
  13. @udalov

    Add Intrinsics.areEqual()

    udalov committed
    It's more safe, short and less error-prone (especially w.r.t. nullability of
    generic types)
  14. @max-kammerer

    revert of 59ede8b

    max-kammerer committed
  15. @max-kammerer

    Test for KT-2763

    max-kammerer committed
  16. @shalupov
  17. @shalupov

    fix tests

    shalupov committed
Commits on Feb 5, 2013
  1. @udalov

    Add CodegenUtil.isNullableType(), fix assertions

    udalov committed
    JetType.isNullable() is not accurate when the type denotes a type parameter:
    a parameter can be not null (isNullable=false), but its upper bound can be
    nullable (<T: Any?>), so null may appear in the value of such type. Therefore
    it's preferred to use a special check (isNullableType()) in codegen from now on
    Do not generate assertion for parameters of not-null types which have a
    nullable upper bound + the same with Java method calls
    Also fix Intrinsics class internal name in tests
     #KT-3313 Fixed
  2. @lopekpl @abreslav


    lopekpl committed with abreslav
    It renames method parameter to match the name from the overriden method.
  3. @abreslav

    Optimize super-interfaces

    abreslav committed
  4. @abreslav
  5. @abreslav
  6. @abreslav
  7. @abreslav
  8. @abreslav
  9. @abreslav
  10. @univerio @abreslav
  11. @univerio @abreslav
  12. @lopekpl @abreslav

    Not including empty testcases in suite.

    lopekpl committed with abreslav
    That was sometimes resulting with IDE displaying incorrect number of tests in single run.
  13. @lopekpl @abreslav
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