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Tag: build-0.5.59
Commits on Feb 11, 2013
  1. @max-kammerer
Commits on Feb 10, 2013
  1. @udalov

    Correct Android SpecialFiles

    udalov authored
    Replace all multi-file tests and tests with java with an exclusion of
    these directories. Delete obsolete exclusions, add a new one
  2. @udalov

    Add test on bytecode text

    udalov authored
    Test data should be a Kotlin source file with zero or more comments e.g. of
    the form: '// 1 INVOKEVIRTUAL'. The test then checks that the generated
    bytecode for this file contains exactly one occurrence of the string
  3. @udalov

    Move blackBox() methods to AbstractBlackBoxCodegenTest

    udalov authored udalov committed
  4. @udalov

    Switch class loading logic in blackBoxWithJava tests

    udalov authored udalov committed
    BoxWithJava tests now by default are loaded with the classloader which has
    test's classpath in itself, as in the former ClassPathInTheSameClassLoaderTest
  5. @udalov

    Autogenerate codegen multi-file tests

    udalov authored udalov committed
    Based on boxMultiFile/ directory
  6. @udalov

    Move multi-file codegen testData to boxMultiFile/

    udalov authored udalov committed
    There'll be an auto-generated test over this directory
  7. @udalov

    Delete StdlibTest and StdlibTestForever

    udalov authored udalov committed
    Move remaining tests to AnnotationGenTest (where they did belong to in the
    first place)
  8. @udalov

    Simplify tests on not-null assertions

    udalov authored udalov committed
    No need to call blackBoxFile() on a useless test data file. Also creating
    environment logic is simplified
  9. @udalov

    Delete unneeded abstract test class, regenerate tests

    udalov authored udalov committed
  10. @udalov

    Kill blackBoxFile()

    udalov authored udalov committed
    If your test is supposed to use blackBoxFile(), maybe it should be placed into
    box/boxWithStdlib directory
  11. @udalov

    Move JdkAnnotationsTest to boxWithStdlib

    udalov authored udalov committed
  12. @udalov

    Move FullJdk tests to boxWithStdlib

    udalov authored udalov committed
  13. @udalov

    Generate codegen blackbox tests with stdlib

    udalov authored udalov committed
  14. @udalov

    Delete generated test cases, move testData to boxWithStdlib

    udalov authored udalov committed
  15. @udalov

    Extract junit testcase, delete unneeded code

    udalov authored udalov committed
  16. @udalov

    Codegen tests: move stdlib tests to boxWithStdlib

    udalov authored udalov committed
  17. @udalov

    Fix over-optimized comparison with null

    udalov authored udalov committed
  18. @abreslav
  19. @abreslav
Commits on Feb 8, 2013
  1. @svtk
  2. @svtk
  3. @svtk

    regenerated tests

    svtk authored
  4. @svtk
  5. @svtk

    return commit after merge

    svtk authored
    'Fixed UnsupportedOperationException when a namespace is used in place of an expression.'
  6. @svtk

    refactoring after code review

    svtk authored
     do not consider error type in parameters of function type as unknown
  7. @svtk
  8. @svtk


    svtk authored
     ResolveMode enum to {TOP_LEVEL_CALL, NESTED_CALL}
     completeValueArgumentsInference to completeNestedCallsInference
  9. @svtk

    small fixes after review

    svtk authored
  10. @svtk
  11. @svtk

    test improved

    svtk authored
  12. @svtk

    test fixes after refactorings

    svtk authored
    expected return type for function literal cannot depend on expected type of outer function
  13. @svtk


    svtk authored
    - instead of storing deferredComputationsForArguments in ResolvedCall
    store it in BindingContext (in DEFERRED_COMPUTATION_FOR_CALL)
    -do not repeat computation for the same argument (cache added)
  14. @svtk
  15. @svtk
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