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Branch: talanov2
Commits on Jan 18, 2013
  1. @pTalanov
  2. @pTalanov
  3. @pTalanov
  4. @pTalanov

    Provide basic implementation of ModuleDescriptorProvider in plugin vi…

    pTalanov authored
    …a ModuleDescriptorProviderForIdeaPlugin
  5. @pTalanov

    Remove redundant ModuleDescriptor parameter from InjectorForTopDownAn…

    pTalanov authored
    Add getCurrentModule method to ModuleDescriptorProvider
    Modify ModuleDescriptorProviderFactory
    Fix some of the failing tests
    Hack in JavaDescriptorResolver#resolveNamespace method
  6. @pTalanov

    Use PsiDeclarationProvider abstraction in MembersCache

    pTalanov authored
    Correctly choose classes which are considered candidates for object search
  7. @pTalanov
  8. @pTalanov
  9. @pTalanov
  10. @pTalanov
  11. @pTalanov

    Add IncrementalCompilationTest which test compiling kotlin files one …

    pTalanov authored
    …by one in the same module (the order is predefined)
    Add very simple test cases
  12. @pTalanov

    Add ModuleDescriptorProvider as constructor parameter to all injector…

    pTalanov authored
    …s depending on ModuleDescriptorProvider
  13. @pTalanov
  14. @pTalanov
  15. @pTalanov

    Provide DescriptorUtils#getFQName() with overloaded version which tak…

    pTalanov authored
    …es NamespaceDescriptor and returns FqName
    Usages across project
  16. @pTalanov

    Introduce ModuleDescriptorProvider, provide very simple implementatio…

    pTalanov authored
    …n (mostly preserving old semantics) via ModuleDescriptorProviderFactory, modify JavaNamespaceResolver accordingly
    Inject ModuleDescriptorProvider in InjectorForJavaDescriptorResolver, InjectorForJavaSemanticServices, InjectorForTopDownAnalyzerForJvm
    Some collateral changes in tests
Commits on Jan 11, 2013
  1. @pTalanov

    Add missing public in stdlib

    pTalanov authored
  2. @pTalanov

    Add public in test data

    pTalanov authored
  3. @pTalanov

    Refactor: JavaBaseScope depends on InjectorForJavaDescriptorResolver …

    pTalanov authored
    …instead of InjectorForJavaSemanticServices
  4. @pTalanov
  5. @pTalanov
  6. @pTalanov

    Refactor: add getDeclaredClasses() and getDeclaredNames() to PackageP…

    pTalanov authored
    …siDeclarationProvider interface and implement in KotlinNamespacePsiDeclarationProvider and PackagePsiDeclarationProviderImpl, remove ScopeUtils
    Refactor: JavaPackageScope#computeAllDescriptors()
  7. @abreslav
Commits on Jan 10, 2013
  1. @abreslav
  2. @abreslav
  3. @svtk
  4. @svtk
  5. @udalov

    Fix last if-statement in block codegen

    udalov authored
     #KT-3203 Fixed
Commits on Jan 9, 2013
  1. @pTalanov

    Fix for a problem where inner (or nested) classes were not analyzed i…

    pTalanov authored
    …n some situations
     # KT-3124 Fixed
  2. @pTalanov

    Check for ClassKind in getClassifier() and getObjectDescriptor() impl…

    pTalanov authored
    …ementations in java scopes
     # KT-3124 fixed
  3. @udalov

    Fix codegen of loaded class objects

    udalov authored
    Remove useless check and todo.
     #KT-2717 Fixed
     #KT-3142 Fixed
  4. @udalov

    Refactor CompileKotlinAgainstKotlinTest

    udalov authored
    CKAKTest is now abstract, the actual testcases are generated via GenerateTests
    into CompileKotlinAgainstKotlinTestGenerated.
    Also invokeMain() now invokes namespace.main instead of bbb.namespace.main.
Commits on Dec 29, 2012
  1. @svtk
  2. @svtk

    changed case for test file

    svtk authored
  3. @svtk

    fixed an exception from 'getConstructorReferenceExpression'

    svtk authored
     (from exception analyzer)
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