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1.1-M04 (EAP-4)

Language related changes

  • KT-4481 compareTo on primitive floats/doubles should behave naturally
  • KT-11016 Allow to annotate internal API to be used inside public inline functions
  • KT-11128 Member vs SAM conversion with more specific signature
  • KT-12215 Allowing to access protected members in public inline members creates potential binary compatibility problem
  • KT-12531 Report error when delegated member hides a supertype member
  • KT-14650 mod function on integral types is inconsistent with BigInteger.mod
  • KT-14651 Floating point comparisons shall operate according to IEEE754
  • KT-14852 It should not be possible to use typealias that abbreviates a generic projection as a constructor
  • KT-15226 Restrict delegation to java 8 default methods


  • KT-12250 Provide API for getting a single annotation by its class
  • KT-14939 VerifyError in accessors for bound property reference with receiver 'null'



  • Major coroutines redesign - see KEEP for details


  • KT-11734 Optimize const vals by inlining them at call site
  • KT-13570 Generate TABLE/LOOKUPSWITCH if all when branches are const integer values
  • KT-14746 Captured Refs should not be volatile

Various issues

  • KT-10982 java.util.Map::compute* poor usability
  • KT-12144 Type inference incorporation error on SAM adapter call
  • KT-14196 Do not allow class literal with expression in annotation arguments
  • KT-14453 Regression: Type inference failed: inferred type is T but T was expected
  • KT-14774 Incorrect inner class modifier generated for sealed inner classes
  • KT-14839 CompilationException when calling inline fun with first arg of 2 (w/defaults) within catch block of Java exception type
  • KT-14855 Projection in type aliases should be allowed in supertypes and constructor invocations if they expand to non-toplevel projections
  • KT-14887 Unhelpful error "public-API inline function cannot access non-public-API" for unresolved call inside inline function
  • KT-14930 Android: creating Kotlin activity: UOE at EmptyList.removeAll()
  • KT-15146 Kapt3 no source files on unittest
  • KT-15272 Exception when building 2 projects at the same time

JavaScript backend

dynamic type

  • KT-8207 Extension function on dynamic resolves on any type
  • KT-6579 JS: prohibit to use in and !in on dynamic
  • KT-6580 JS: prohibit to use more than one argument in indexed access on dynamic
  • KT-13615 JS: don't generate guard for catch with dynamic type


  • KT-13893 JS: Replace @Native annotation with external modifier
  • KT-12877 Allow to specify module for native JS declarations
  • KT-14806 JS: name of a local variable clashes with native declaration from global scope


  • KT-13889 JS: prohibit overriding native functions with default values assigned to parameters
  • KT-13894 JS: prohibit native declaration inside non-native
  • KT-13895 JS: RUNTIME annotations
  • KT-13896 JS: prohibit external(native) extension functions and properties
  • KT-13897 JS: prohibit native(external) files and typealiases
  • KT-13910 JS: prohibit override members of native declaration with overloads
  • KT-14027 JS: prohibit native inner classes
  • KT-14029 JS: prohibit private members inside native declarations
  • KT-14037 JS: prohibit using native interfaces in RHS of IS
  • KT-14038 JS: warn when using native interface in RHS of AS
  • KT-15130 JS: prohibit inheritance native from non-native
  • KT-12600 JS: type check with a native interface compiles but crash at runtime
  • KT-13307 KotlinJS cannot cast to a marker interface.

Language features support

  • KT-13573 JS: support bound callable reference
  • KT-14634 JS: support enumValues / enumValueOf
  • KT-15058 JS: replace suspend function convention

Issues related to kotlin.Any

  • KT-7664 JS: "x is Any" is always false
  • KT-7665 JS: creating Any instance crashes on runtime
  • KT-15131 JS: don't mangle Any.equals

Various issues

  • KT-14033 JS: don't optimize (based on type information) by default expressions with any of "as, is, !is, as?, ?., !!"
  • KT-13616 JS: don't omit guard for catch with Throwable type
  • KT-12976 JS: human-friendly error message on wrong modules order
  • KT-15212 JS: link unqualified names in js(...) function to local functions in outer Kotlin function by name
  • KT-14750 JS: remove unnecessary functions from kotlin.js


  • KT-12566 JS: inner local class should refer to captured variables via its outer class
  • KT-12527 Reified is-check works wrongly for chained calls
  • KT-12586 JS: compiler crashes when call inline function inside string templeate
  • KT-13164 Ecma TypeError on extending local class from inner one
  • KT-14888 JS: Compiler error: Cannot get FQ name of local class: lazy class
  • KT-14748 JS: eliminate unused functions
  • KT-14999 JS: Operator set + labeled lambdas
  • KT-15007 JS: Dies when checking if exception implements interface. TypeError: Cannot read property 'baseClasses' of undefined
  • KT-15073 KT to JS losing extension function's receiver
  • KT-15169 JS: compiler fails on annotated expression with TRE at Translation.doTranslateExpression()
  • KT-13522 JS: can't use captured reified type paramter in jsClass
  • KT-13784 JS: lambda was not inlined for function with reified parameter declared in another module
  • KT-13792 JS: inner class of local class does not capture enclosing class properly
  • KT-15327 JS: Enum valueOf should throw IllegalArgumentException

Standard library

  • KT-7930 Make String.toInt(), toLong(), etc. nullable instead of throwing exception
  • KT-8220 Add #peek method to Sequence similar to Stream.peek
  • KT-8286 Int.toString and String.toInt with base as parameter
  • KT-14034 JS: unsafeCast function
  • KT-15181 Some source files are missing from published sources on Bintray


  • KT-14693 Introduce Type Alias: Do not suggest type qualifiers
  • KT-14696 Introduce Type Alias: Fix NPE during dialog repaint
  • KT-14685 Introduce Type Alias: Replace type usages in constructor calls
  • KT-14861 Introduce Type Alias: Support callable references/class literals
  • KT-15204 Implement navigation from header to its implementation and vice versa
  • KT-15269 Quickfix for external (native) extension declarations
  • KT-15293 Add 1.1 EAP repository when creating a new Gradle project with 1.1 EAP


  • KT-14538 Kotlin gradle script files appear totally unresolved
  • KT-14706 Support package declaration in scripting
  • KT-14707 Support javax.script.Invocable on the JSR 223 ScriptEngine
  • KT-14708 kotlin-script-runtime is not published
  • KT-14713 Make it possible to use JSR 223 support without specifying compiler JAR absolute path
  • KT-15064 Gradle build with script .kts file: NPE at ScriptCodegen.genConstructor()

Gradle support

  • KT-15080 Gradle build fails with Gradle 3.2 (master)
  • KT-15120 Gradle JS test compile task doesn't pick up production code
  • KT-15127 JS "compiler jar not found" with Gradle 3.2
  • KT-15133 Recent gradle-script-kotlin 3.3 distributions are unusable
  • KT-15218 Isolate Gradle Kotlin compiler process

Previous releases

This release also includes the fixes and improvements from the previous releases, such as
1.0.6 RC and