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  • KT-15540 findAnnotation returns T?, but it throws NoSuchElementException when there is no matching annotation
  • Reflection API in kotlin-reflect library is moved to kotlin.reflect.full package, declarations in the package kotlin.reflect are left deprecated. Please migrate according to the hints provided.


Coroutine support

  • KT-15379 Allow invoke on instances of suspend function type inside suspend function
  • KT-15380 Support suspend function type with value parameters
  • KT-15391 Prohibit suspend function type in supertype list
  • KT-15392 Prohibit local suspending function
  • KT-15413 Override regular functions with suspending ones and vice versa
  • KT-15657 Refine dispatchResume convention
  • KT-15662 Prohibit callable references to suspend functions


  • KT-9630 Cannot create extension function on intersection of types
  • KT-11398 Possible false positive for INACCESSIBLE_TYPE
  • KT-13593 Do not report USELESS_ELVIS_RIGHT_IS_NULL for left argument with platform type
  • KT-13859 Wrong error about using unrepeatable annotation when mix implicit and explicit targets
  • KT-14179 Prohibit to use enum entry as type parameter
  • KT-15097 Inherited platform declarations clash: regression under 1.1 when indirectly inheriting from java.util.Map
  • KT-15287 Kotlin runtime 1.1 and runtime 1.0.x: Overload resolution ambiguity
  • KT-15334 Incorrect "val cannot be reassigned" inside do-while
  • KT-15410 "Protected function call from public-API inline function" for protected constructor call


  • KT-15145 Kapt3: Doesn't compile with multiple errors
  • KT-15232 Kapt3 crash due to java codepage
  • KT-15359 Kapt3 exception while annotation processing (DataBindings AS2.3-beta1)
  • KT-15375 Kapt3 can't find ${env.JDK_18}/lib/tools.jar
  • KT-15381 Unresolved references: R with Kapt3
  • KT-15397 Kapt3 doesn't work with databinding
  • KT-15409 Kapt3 Cannot find the getter for attribute 'android:text' with value type java.lang.String on android.widget.EditText.
  • KT-15421 Kapt3: Substitute types from Psi instead of writing NonExistentClass for generated type names
  • KT-15459 Kapt3 doesn't generate code in test module
  • KT-15524 Kapt3 - Error messages should display associated element information (if available)
  • KT-15713 Kapt3: circular dependencies between Gradke tasks

Exceptions / Errors

  • KT-11401 Error type encountered for implicit invoke with function literal argument
  • KT-12044 Assertion "Rewrite at slice LEXICAL_SCOPE" for 'if' with property references
  • KT-14011 Compiler crash when inlining: lateinit property allRecapturedParameters has not been initialized
  • KT-14868 CCE in runtime while converting Number to Char
  • KT-15364 VerifyError: Bad type on operand stack on ObserverIterator.hasNext
  • KT-15373 Internal error when running TestNG test
  • KT-15437 VerifyError: Bad local variable type on simplest provideDelegate
  • KT-15446 Property reference on an instance of subclass causes java.lang.VerifyError
  • KT-15447 Compiler backend error: "Don't know how to generate outer expression for class"
  • KT-15449 Back-end (JVM) Internal error: Couldn't inline method call
  • KT-15464 Regression: "Supertypes of the following classes cannot be resolved. Please make sure you have the required dependencies in the classpath:"
  • KT-15575 VerifyError: Bad type on operand stack

Various issues

  • KT-11962 Super call with default parameters check is generated for top-level function
  • KT-11969 ProGuard issue with private interface methods
  • KT-12795 Write information about sealed class inheritors to metadata
  • KT-13718 ClassFormatError on aspectj instrumentation
  • KT-14162 Support @InlineOnly on inline properties
  • KT-14705 Inconsistent smart casts on when enum subject
  • KT-14917 No way to pass additional java command line options to kontlinc on Windows
  • KT-15112 Compiler hangs on nested lock compilation
  • KT-15225 Scripts: generate classes with names that are valid Java identifiers
  • KT-15411 Unnecessary CHECKCAST bytecode when dealing with null
  • KT-15473 Invalid KFunction byte code signature for callable references
  • KT-15582 Generated bytecode is sometimes incompatible with Java 9
  • KT-15584 Do not mark class files compiled with a release language version as pre-release
  • KT-15589 Upper bound for T in KClass can be implicitly violated using generic function
  • KT-15631 Compiler hang in MethodAnalyzer.analyze() fixed

JavaScript backend

Coroutine support

  • KT-15362 JS: Regex doesn't work (properly) in coroutine
  • KT-15366 JS: error when calling inline function with optional parameters from another module inside coroutine lambda
  • KT-15367 JS: for against iterator with suspend next and hasNext functions does not work
  • KT-15400 suspendCoroutine is missing in JS BE
  • KT-15597 Support non-tail suspend calls inside named suspend functions
  • KT-15625 JS: return statement without value surrounded by try..finally in suspend lambda causes compiler error
  • KT-15698 Move coroutine intrinsics to kotlin.coroutine.intrinsics package


  • KT-14577 JS: do not report declaration clash when common redeclaration diagnostic applies
  • KT-15136 JS: prohibit inheritance from kotlin Function{N} interfaces

Language features support

  • KT-12194 Exhaustiveness check isn't generated for when expressions in JS at all
  • KT-15590 Support increment on inlined properties

Native / external

  • KT-8081 JS: native inherited class shouldn't require super or primary constructor call
  • KT-13892 JS: restrictions for native (external) functions and properties
  • KT-15307 JS: prohibit inline members inside external declarations
  • KT-15308 JS: prohibit non-abstract members inside external interfaces except nullable properties (with accessors)

Exceptions / Errors

  • KT-7302 KotlinJS - Trait with optional parameter causes compilation error
  • KT-15325 JS: ReferenceError: $receiver is not defined
  • KT-15357 JS: when expression in primary-from-secondary constructor call
  • KT-15435 Call to 'synchronize' crashes JS backend
  • KT-15513 JS: empty do..while loop crashes compiler

Various issues

  • KT-4160 JS: compiler produces wrong code for escaped variable names with characters which Illegal in JS (e.g. spaces)
  • KT-7004 JS: functions named call not inlined
  • KT-7588 JS: operators are not inlined
  • KT-7733 JS: Provide overflow behavior for integer arithmetic operations
  • KT-8413 JS: generated wrong code for some float constants
  • KT-12598 JS: comparisons for Enums always translates using strong operator
  • KT-13523 Augmented assignment with array access in LHS is translated incorrectly
  • KT-13888 JS: change how functions optional parameters get translated
  • KT-15260 JS: don't import module more than once
  • KT-15475 JS compiler deletes internal function name in js("") text block
  • KT-15506 JS: invalid evaluation order when passing arguments to function by name
  • KT-15512 JS: wrong result when use break/throw/return in || and && operators
  • KT-15569 js: Wrong code generated when calling an overloaded operator function on an inherited property

Standard Library

  • KEEP-23 Operation to group by key and fold each group simultaneously
  • KT-15774 buildSequence and buildIterator functions with yield and yieldAll based on coroutines
  • KT-6903 Add also extension, which is like apply, but with it instead of this inside lambda.
  • KT-7858 Add extension function takeIf to match a value against predicate and return null when it does not match
  • KT-11851 Provide extension Map.getValue(key: K): V which throws or returns default when key is not found
  • KT-7417 Add min, max on two numbers to standard library
  • KT-13898 Allow to implement toArray in collections as protected and provide protected toArray in AbstractCollection.
  • KT-14935 Array-like list instantiation functions: List(count) { init } and MutableList(count) { init }
  • KT-15630 Overloads of mutableListOf, mutableSetOf, mutableMapOf without parameters
  • KT-15557 Iterable.joinTo loses information about each element by calling toString on them by default
  • KT-15477 Introduce Throwable.addSuppressed extension
  • KT-15310 Add dynamic.unsafeCast
  • KT-15436 JS stdlib: org.w3c.fetch.RequestInit has 12 parameters, all required
  • KT-15458 Add print and println to common stdlib


  • Project View: Fix presentation of Kotlin files and their members when @JvmName having the same name as the file itself

no-arg / all-open

  • KT-15419 IDE build doesn't pick settings of all-open plugin
  • KT-15686 IDE build doesn't pick settings of no-arg plugin
  • KT-15735 Facet loses compiler plugin settings on reopening project, when "Use project settings" = Yes


  • KT-15542 Formatter doesn't handle spaces around 'by' keyword
  • KT-15544 Formatter doesn't remove spaces around function reference operator

Intention actions, inspections and quick-fixes

New features
  • Implement quickfix which enables/disables coroutine support in module or project
  • KT-5045 Intention to convert between two comparisons and range check and vice versa
  • KT-5629 Quick-fix to import extension method when arguments of non-extension method do not match
  • KT-6217 Add warning for unused equals expression
  • KT-6824 Quick-fix for applying spread operator where vararg is expected
  • KT-8855 Implement "Create label" quick-fix
  • KT-15056 Implement intention which converts object literal to class
  • KT-15068 Implement intention which rename file according to the top-level class name
  • KT-15564 Add quick-fix for changing primitive cast to primitive conversion method
Bug fixes
  • KT-14630 Clearer diagnostic message for platform type inspection
  • KT-14745 KNPE in convert primary constructor to secondary
  • KT-14889 Replace 'if' with elvis operator produces red code if result is referenced in 'if'
  • KT-14907 Quick-fix for missing operator adds infix modifier to created function
  • KT-15092 Suppress inspection "use property access syntax" for some getters and fix completion for them
  • KT-15227 "Replace if with elvis" silently changes semantics
  • KT-15412 "Join declaration and assignment" can break code with smart casts
  • KT-15501 Intention "Add names to call arguments" shouldn't appear when the only argument is a trailing lambda

Refactorings (Extract / Pull)

  • KT-15611 Extract Interface/Superclass: Disable const-properties
  • Pull Up: Fix pull-up from object to superclass
  • KT-15602 Extract Interface/Superclass: Disable "Make abstract" for inline/external/lateinit members
  • Extract Interface: Disable inline/external/lateinit members
  • KT-12704, KT-15583 Override/Implement Members: Support all nullability annotations respected by the Kotlin compiler
  • KT-15563 Override Members: Allow overriding virtual synthetic members (e.g. equals(), hashCode(), toString(), etc.) in data classes
  • KT-15355 Extract Interface: Disable "Make abstract" and assume it to be true for abstract members of an interface
  • KT-15353 Extract Superclass/Interface: Allow extracting class with special name (and quotes)
  • KT-15643 Extract Interface/Pull Up: Disable "Make abstract" and assume it to be true for primary constructor parameter when moving to an interface
  • KT-15607 Extract Interface/Pull Up: Disable internal/protected members when moving to an interface
  • KT-15640 Extract Interface/Pull Up: Drop 'final' modifier when moving to an interface
  • KT-15639 Extract Superclass/Interface/Pull Up: Add spaces between 'abstract' modifier and annotations
  • KT-15606 Extract Interface/Pull Up: Warn about private members with usages in the original class
  • KT-15635 Extract Superclass/Interface: Fix bogus visibility warning inside a member when it's being moved as abstract
  • KT-15598 Extract Interface: Red-highlight members inherited from a super-interface when that interface reference itself is not extracted
  • KT-15674 Extract Superclass: Drop inapplicable modifiers when converting property-parameter to ordinary parameter

Multi-platform project support

  • KT-14908 Actions (quick-fixes) to create implementations of header elements
  • KT-15305 Do not report UNUSED for header declarations with implementations and vice versa
  • KT-15641 Quick-fix "Create header interface implementation" does nothing

Android support

  • KT-12884 Android Extensions: Refactor / Rename of activity name does not change import extension statement
  • KT-14308 Android Studio randomly hangs due to Java static member import quick-fix lags
  • KT-14358 Kotlin extensions: rename layout file: Throwable: "PSI and index do not match" through KotlinFullClassNameIndex.get()
  • KT-15483 Kotlin lint throws unexpected exceptions in IDE

Various issues

  • KT-12872 Don't show "defined in " in quick doc for local variables
  • KT-13001 "Go to Type Declaration" is broken for stdlib types
  • KT-13067 Syntax colouring doesn't work for KDoc tags
  • KT-14815 alt + enter -> "import" over a constructor reference is not working
  • KT-14819 Quick documentation for special Enum functions doesn't work
  • KT-15141 Bogus import popup for when function call cannot be resolved fully
  • KT-15154 IllegalStateException on attempt to convert import statement to * if last added import is to typealias
  • KT-15329 Regex not inspected properly for javaJavaIdentifierStart and javaJavaIdentifierPart
  • KT-15383 Kotlin Scripts can only resolve stdlib functions/classes if they are in a source directory
  • KT-15440 Improve extensions detection in IDEA
  • KT-15548 Kotlin plugin: @language injections specified in another module are ignored
  • Invoke StorageComponentContainerContributor extension for module dependencies container as well (needed for "sam-with-receiver" plugin to work with scripts)


  • KT-6790 J2K: Static import of Map.Entry is lost during conversion
  • KT-14736 J2K: Incorrect conversion of back ticks in javadoc {@code} tag
  • KT-15027 J2K: Annotations are set on functions, but not on property accessors

Gradle support

  • KT-15376 Kotlin incremental=true: fixed compatibility with AS 2.3
  • KT-15433 Kotlin daemon swallows exceptions: fixed stack trace reporting
  • KT-15682 Uncheck "Use project settings" option on import Kotlin project from gradle