@mglukhikh mglukhikh released this Feb 17, 2017 · 22 commits to 1.1.0 since this release

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  • KT-16358 Incompatibility between kotlin-reflect 1.0 and kotlin-stdlib 1.1 fixed


Coroutine support

  • KT-15938 Changed error message for calling suspend function outside of suspendable context
  • KT-16092 Backend crash fixed: "Don't know how to generate outer expression" for destructuring suspend lambda
  • KT-16093 Annotations are retained during reading the binary representation of suspend functions
  • KT-16122 java.lang.VerifyError fixed in couroutines: (String, null, suspend () -> String)
  • KT-16124 Marked as UNSUPPORTED: suspension points in default parameters
  • KT-16219 Marked as UNSUPPORTED: suspend get/set, in/!in operators for
  • KT-16145 Beta-2 coroutine regression fixed (wrong code generation)


  • KT-15524 Fix javac error reporting in Kotlin daemon
  • KT-15721 JetBrains nullability annotations are now returned from Element.getAnnotationMirrors()
  • KT-16146 Fixed work in verbose mode
  • KT-16153 Ignore declarations with illegal Java identifiers
  • KT-16167 Fixed compilation error with kapt arguments in build.gradle
  • KT-16170 Stub generator now adds imports for corrected error types to stubs
  • KT-16176 javac's finalCompiler log is now used to determine annotation processing errors

Backward compatibility

  • KT-16017 More graceful error message for disabled features
  • KT-16073 Improved backward compatibility mode with version 1.0 on JDK dependent built-ins
  • KT-16094 Compiler considers API availability when compiling language features requiring runtime support
  • KT-16171 Fixed regression "Unexpected container error on Kotlin 1.0 project"
  • KT-16199 Do not import "kotlin.comparisons.*" by default in language version 1.0 mode

Various issues

  • KT-16225 enumValues non-reified stub implementation references nonexistent method no more
  • KT-16291 Smart cast works now when getting class of instance
  • KT-16380 Show warning when running the compiler under Java 6 or 7

JavaScript backend

  • KT-16144 Fixed inlining of functions called through inheritor ("fake" override) from another module
  • KT-16158 Error is not reported now when library path contains JAR file without JS metadata, report warning instead
  • KT-16160 Companion object dispatch receiver translation fixed

Standard library

  • KT-7858 Add extension function takeUnless
  • javaClass extension property is deprecated, use instead
  • Massive deprecations are coming in JS standard library in kotlin.dom and packages


Configuration issues

  • KT-15899 Kotlin facet: language and api version for submodule setup for 1.0 are filled now as 1.0 too
  • KT-15914 Kotlin facet works now with multi-selected modules in Project Settings too
  • KT-15954 Does not suggest to configure kotlin for the module after each new kt-file creation
  • KT-16157 freeCompilerArgs are now imported from Gradle into IDEA
  • KT-16206 Idea no more refuses to compile a kotlin project defined as a maven project
  • KT-16312 Kotlin facet: import from gradle: don't import options which are set implicitly already
  • KT-16325 Kotlin facet: correct configuration after upgrading the IDE plugin
  • KT-16345 Kotlin facet: detect JavaScript if the module has language 1.0 kotlin-js-library dependency

Coroutine support

  • KT-16109 Error fixed: The -Xcoroutines can only have one value
  • KT-16251 Fix detection of suspend calls containing extracted parameters

Intention actions, inspections and quick-fixes

2017.1 compatibility
  • KT-15870 "Package name does not match containing directory" inspection: fixed throwable "AWT events are not allowed inside write action"
  • KT-15924 Create Test action: fixed throwable "AWT events are not allowed inside write action"
Bug fixes
  • KT-14831 Import statement and FQN are not added on converting lambda to reference for typealias
  • KT-15545 Inspection "join with assignment" does not change now execution order for properties
  • KT-15744 Fix: intention to import sleep wrongly suggests Thread.sleep
  • KT-16000 Inspection "join with assignment" handles initialization with 'this' correctly
  • KT-16009 Auto-import for JDK classes in .kts files
  • KT-16104 Don't insert modifiers (e.g. suspend) before visibility


  • KT-16076 Completion does not insert more FQN kotlin.text.String
  • KT-16088 Completion does not insert more FQN for kotlin package
  • KT-16110 Keyword 'suspend' completion inside generic arguments
  • KT-16243 Performance enhanced after variable of type ArrayList

Various issues

  • KT-15291 'Find usages' now does not report property access as usage of getter method in Java class with parameter
  • KT-15647 Exception fixed: KDoc link to member of class from different package and module
  • KT-16071 IDEA deadlock fixed: when typing "parse()" in .kt file
  • KT-16149 Intellij Idea 2017.1/Android Studio 2.3 beta3 and Kotlin plugin 1.1-beta2 deadlock fixed

Coroutine libraries

  • KT-15716 Introduced startCoroutineUninterceptedOrReturn coroutine intrinsic
  • KT-15718 createCoroutine now returns safe continuation
  • KT-16155 Introduced createCoroutineUnchecked intrinsic

Gradle support

  • KT-15829 Gradle Kotlin JS plugin: removed false "Duplicate source root:" warning for kotlin files
  • KT-15902 JS: gradle task output is now considered as source set output
  • KT-16174 Error fixed during IDEA-Gradle synchronization for Kotlin JS
  • KT-16267 JS: fixed regression in 1.1-beta2 for multi-module gradle project
  • KT-16274 Kotlin JS Gradle unexpected compiler error / absolute path to output file
  • KT-16322 Circlet project Gradle import issue fixed


  • KT-15861 Use windows line separator in kotlin's JSR implementation
  • KT-16126 Proper jvmTarget for REPL compilation