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@max-kammerer max-kammerer released this Aug 30, 2017

  • KT-18062 SamWithReceiver compiler plugin not used by IntelliJ for .kt files
  • KT-18497 Gradle Kotlin Plugin does not work with the gradle java-library plugin
  • KT-19276 Console spam when opening idea-community project in debug IDEA
  • KT-19433 [Coroutines + Kapt3] Assertion failed in ClassClsStubBuilder.createNestedClassStub
  • KT-19680 kapt3 & Parcelize: Compilation error
  • KT-19687 Kotlin 1.1.4 noarg plugin breaks with sealed classes
  • KT-19700 Kapt error after updating to 1.1.4 - stub adds type parameters where there are none
  • KT-19713 Mocking of final named suspend methods with mockito fails
  • KT-19729 kapt3: not always including argument to @javax.inject.Named in generated stubs
  • KT-19759 "Convert to expression body" is not shown in 162 / AS23 branches for multi-liners
  • KT-19767 NPE caused by Map<String, Boolean>?.get
  • KT-19769 PerModulePackageCacheService calls getOrderEntriesForFile() for every file, even those that can't affect Kotlin resolve
  • KT-19774 Provide an opt-out flag for separate classes directories (Gradle 4.0+)
  • KT-19847 if an imported library already exists it should be redetected during gradle import
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