@ilya-g ilya-g released this Jun 27, 2017 · 4 commits to 1.2-M1 since this release

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Language changes

  • Array literals, which can be used in annotation arguments


  • KT-6884 KT-17910 Support default values for functional parameters in inline functions
  • KT-15894 Change the way how singleton objects are initialized in order not to contradict JVM spec
  • KT-17929 Illegal smart cast was allowed after assignment in try block

Standard Library

  • KT-8823 MutableList.fill extension

  • KT-9010 MutableList.shuffle and List.shuffled extensions

  • KEEP-11 KT-9151 KT-10021 KT-11026
    chunked and windowed: extension functions to support
    partitioning collections into blocks of the given size and
    taking a window of the given size and moving it along the collection with the given step.

    pairwise extension to get all subsequent pairs in collection

  • KEEP-49 Additional operations and conversion extensions for BigInteger and BigDecimal

  • KT-16447 Make kotlin.text.Regex class serializable


  • KT-17164 Intention to convert *arrayOf() functions to array literals in annotations


  • Typed arrays are turned on by default

Previous releases

This release also includes the fixes and improvements from
1.1.3 release.