@semoro semoro released this Sep 29, 2017

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New Features

  • KT-20051 Quickfixes to support @Parcelize


  • KT-19747 Android extensions + Parcelable: VerifyError in case of RawValue annotation on a type when it's unknown how to parcel it
  • KT-19899 Parcelize: Building with ProGuard enabled
  • KT-19988 [Android Extensions] inner class LayoutContainer causes NoSuchMethodError
  • KT-20002 Parcelize explodes on LongArray
  • KT-20019 Parcelize does not propogate flags argument when writing nested Parcelable
  • KT-20020 Parcelize does not use primitive array read/write methods on Parcel
  • KT-20021 Parcelize does not serialize Parcelable enum as Parcelable
  • KT-20022 Parcelize should dispatch directly to java.lang.Enum when writing an enum.
  • KT-20034 Application installation failed (INSTALL_FAILED_DEXOPT) in Android 4.3 devices if I use Parcelize
  • KT-20057 Parcelize should use specialized write/create methods where available.
  • KT-20062 Parceler should allow otherwise un-parcelable property types in enclosing class.
  • KT-20170 UAST: Getting the location of a UIdentifier is tricky


  • KT-4565 Support smart casting of safe cast's subject (and also safe call's receiver)
  • KT-8492 Null check should work after save call with elvis in condition
  • KT-9327 Need a way to check whether a lateinit property was assigned
  • KT-14138 Allow lateinit local variables
  • KT-15461 Allow lateinit top level properties
  • KT-7257 NPE when accessing properties of enum from inner lambda on initialization
  • KT-9580 Report an error if 'setparam' target does not make sense for a parameter declaration
  • KT-16310 Nested classes inside enum entries capturing outer members
  • KT-20155 Confusing diagnostics on a nested interface in inner class


  • KT-14175 Surround with try ... catch (... finally) doesn't work for expressions
  • KT-20308 New Gradle with Kotlin DSL project wizard
  • KT-18353 Support UAST for .kts files
  • KT-19823 Kotlin Gradle project import into IntelliJ: import kapt generated classes into classpath
  • KT-20185 Stub and PSI element type mismatch for "var nullableSuspend: (suspend (P) -> Unit)? = null"

Language design

  • KT-14486 Allow smart cast in closure if a local variable is modified only before it (and not after or inside)
  • KT-15667 Support "::foo" as a short-hand syntax for bound callable reference to "this::foo"
  • KT-16681 kotlin allows mutating the field of read-only property


  • KT-19258 Java 9: with requires kotlin.stdlib causes compiler to fail: "module reads package from both kotlin.reflect and kotlin.stdlib"


  • KT-19692 kotlin-jpa plugin doesn't support @MappedSuperclass annotation
  • KT-20030 Parcelize can directly reference writeToParcel and CREATOR for final, non-Parcelize Parcelable types in same compilation unit.
  • KT-19742 [Android extensions] Calling clearFindViewByIdCache causes NPE
  • KT-19749 Android extensions + Parcelable: NoSuchMethodError on attempt to pack into parcel a serializable object
  • KT-20026 Parcelize overrides describeContents despite being already implemented.
  • KT-20027 Parcelize uses wrong classloader when reading parcelable type.
  • KT-20029 Parcelize should not directly reference parcel methods on types outside compilation unit
  • KT-20032 Parcelize does not respect type nullability in case of Parcelize parcelables

Tools. CLI

  • KT-10563 Support a command line argument -Werror to treat warnings as errors

Tools. Gradle

  • KT-20212 Cannot access internal components from test code

Tools. kapt

  • KT-17923 Reference to Dagger generated class is highlighted red
  • KT-18923 Kapt: Do not use the Kotlin error message collector to issue errors from kapt
  • KT-19097 Request: Decent support of kapt.kotlin.generated on Intellij/Android Studio
  • KT-20001 kapt generate stubs Gradle task does not depend on the compilation of sub-project kapt dependencies